22 Bruno Mars Wedding Songs to Make Your Day Magical

If you ever listened to the Hawaiian-born singer, Bruno Mars, sing, you’d agree that he is one of the best things ever to happen! The first, of course, is love and weddings.

As fate would have it, hardly is there ever a wedding without at least one of Bruno Mars’ songs on the playlist. The artist is super excellent. No doubt why he is one of the best-selling artists of all time. 

Many people want to have many of his songs on their discography during their happiest moment- their wedding. But which of his many songs would be good for a wedding party?

Well, if you are a huge fan of Bruno and you are unsure which of his songs to use for your wedding, hang on. We put together some of the best of Bruno Mars wedding songs you can use to make your wedding the best you’ve ever been in.

So, let’s get started already!

Bruno Mars Wedding Songs

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Some of the best Bruno Mars wedding songs include:

1. Marry You feat. Doo-Wops and Hooligans

Memorable Lyrics: “Cause it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do/ Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you”

The song is energetic, so it goes well for the couple’s entrance, reception, or after-the-wedding party. If you and your partner are down for it, choreography would be the most befitting to spice up the wedding!

2. Rest of My Life

Memorable Lyrics: “It took us a lifetime to find each other/ It was worth the wait cause I finally found the one”

This song is quite versatile, and you can use it at any point during the wedding. The gentle progression makes it a great fit for your procession too. But, if you want something perfect for dancing with your better half, “Rest of my life” is the best choice!

3. Count on Me

Memorable Lyrics: “And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me/ Every day, I will remind you, oh”

“Count on Me,” tells of the greatness of a good friendship. That kind of relationship should exist between you and yours too, and you should consider adding it to your playlist for the day you walk down the aisle. 

4. Just the Way You Are feat. Doo-Wops and Hooligan

Memorable Lyrics: “When I see your face/ There’s not a thing that I would change/ Cause you’re amazing/ Just the way you are”

This song speaks directly to your partner, praising them for how beautiful they are, amongst other things.

5. Locked Out of Heaven

Memorable Lyrics: “Cause you make me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven for too long”

The lyrics to this song are enough to make the toughest person fall in love again or think something good about romance again. As a wedding song? It’s perfect!

6. Talking to the Moon

Memorable Lyrics: “But they don’t know what I know/ Cause when the sun goes down, someone’s talking back”

This song is quite familiar to so many people since its release. Though the lyrics may come off sad, the instrumentals might be an excellent choice for your procession.

7. Versace on the Floor

Memorable Lyrics: “There’s no place I’d rather be in this world/ Your eyes are where I’m lost in”

The lyrics might seem a bit sensual, but it doesn’t go overboard. However, The instrumentals or the song is an excellent choice for a wedding prelude or couple’s dance. 

8. Treasure

Memorable Lyrics: “You’re everything I see in my dreams/ I wouldn’t say that to you if it wasn’t true.”

This is one of the most-played wedding songs ever. The song has an energetic feel, so it will do well as an after-party-themed song. 

9. Fly as Me

Memorable Lyrics: “I’ll bring that fire and desire, baby/ All you gotta do is meet me halfway there” 

If you ever listened to this song, you can confess it has a feel of songs from the 80s, yea? If you need a song to uplift the spirits of your guests, then “Fly as Me” is the way to go.

10. 24K Magic

Memorable Lyrics: “Players, put yo’ pinky rings up to the moon/ Girls, what y’all trying to do?”

Want to make your wedding more fun? 24K Magic is the song! 24K Magic is a fast-paced song, and it looks to be perfect for choreography with a group if you want to take entertaining guests to another level.

11. Love’s Train

Memorable Lyrics: “If you are that special lover/ And love keeps you tied to another/ That’s the way it goes on love’s train”

This song is cool and serene, with a touch of energy! Objectively speaking, it is better for the wedding after-party.

12. Blast Off

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, let’s tip-toe to a magical place/ Blast off and kiss the moon tonight”

This song featured the excellent talents of Bruno Mars- Anderson. Paak and Silk Sonic. “Blast off” is versatile, so it will be perfect as an after-party-themed song or for the reception.

13. Blow

Memorable lyrics: “Baby, tell me, what’s your fantasy?/ Come closer, let’s talk about it”

This is another great song that works best as an after-party wedding song.

14. Straight Up and Down

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh baby we gon’ have some fun tonight/ Straight up and down” 

“Straight Up and Down” is cool-themed with lovable lyrics. These qualities make it great for every point of your wedding program, including the couple dances with your partner or for your after party.

15. Finesse

Memorable Lyrics: “Yeah, our connection’s so magnetic on the floor/ Nothing can stop us tonight”

The song is quite energetic, so it would do well to get your guests dancing happily on their feet for your wedding reception or the after-party.

16. It Will Rain

Memorable Lyrics: “Cause there’ll be no sunlight/ If I lose you, baby/ There’ll be no clear skies/ If I lose you, baby”

The song is flexible, which makes it suitable for any part of your wedding program. However, this song might be the perfect choice for your first dance as a couple with your partner.

17. Nothin’ on You

Memorable Lyrics: “Cause they got nothing on you, baby/ Nothing on you, baby.”

If you have yet to find the right song for the bouquet toss, this right here is the best pick!

18. Billionaire

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh every time I close my eyes/ I see my name in shining lights”

How about showing off some billionaire vibes during your wedding after-party? Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire” does it best!

19. Too Good to Say Goodbye

Memorable Lyrics: “Baby, ain’t nobody gonna love me like the way you do/ And you ain’t never gonna find a love like mine” 

The song might have some dark lines in its lyrics, but that doesn’t make it useless for a wedding. The instrumentals might be one of the best choices for dancing with your partner or parents. 

20. Our First Time

Memorable Lyrics: “And now both our hearts are in it/ The only place to go is all the way” 

This music bangs like every one of Bruno Mars’ wedding songs. This song will pair well with the couple’s dance or dance with the parents during the wedding party.

21. Uptown Funk

Memorable Lyrics: “Come on, dance, jump on it/ If you sexy then flaunt it”

The song’s energy makes it great for your wedding after-party, or you can rehearse some dance moves and perform the song as choreography with your partner or friends.

22. That’s What I Like

Memorable Lyrics: “I will never make a promise that I can’t keep/ I promise that your smile ain’t gon’ never leave”

Everyone indeed likes the song! This piece is also as energetic so it will be a great addition to other songs in your wedding after-party discography. 

Final Thoughts

Having the best songs is as important as your wedding, as the kind of songs you play will affect the ambiance of your wedding. As they say, good music is medicine for the soul. Rest assured that with Bruno Mars on your playlist, you will not only create a good ambiance but worthy memories too.


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Does Bruno Mars Make Good Wedding Songs?

Yes, Bruno Mars is one of those artists who produce beautiful and soulful songs you can add to your wedding playlist.

Are There Bruno Mars Songs Unfit for Weddings?

While the music star boasts of a collection of romantic, lyrically-strong music, he has some songs beyond what a wedding needs. So, take your time when picking out songs to avoid being red-faced on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life!

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