Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2021

The 2021 wedding dress trends have revealed that it’s more about fashion statements over the dress style. After all, every bride is searching for a personal style that speaks versatility.

Earlier, it was just a ceremonial look, but now it has become more about setting a graceful wardrobe for the wedding. So, in this season, wedding dress designers have presented us with new trends accompanied by the old ones. 

Here are some of the favorite wedding gown trends that can inspire you for your special day!

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Know about 2021 Wedding Dress Trends- Slay It in Style!

From pastel shades to simply elegant styles, these are some gorgeous wedding dress trends for this year. So, no matter what’s your wedding plan, your dress will accompany you to win your partner’s heart.

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Pastel Dresses

pastel wedding dresses

For a romantic bride, the pastel wedding dresses are fairytale attire. Why won’t it be when there are a variety of springy shades of pastel colors to choose from?

Be it soft blue, petal pink, mint green, and lilac, the touch of soft colors in the wedding dress brings life to the wedding with its simple yet elegant feel. The feminine grace exudes when accompanied by a floral bouquet. For the summer or spring wedding, the pastel wedding gown will be perfect for the lovely bride.

Short Dresses

Short wedding dress

As 2021 is still maintaining the mini-wedding ceremonies or Zoom wedding, short wedding dresses are receiving all the attention.

After all, it’s a great excuse to flaunt those killer shoes that you have planned to sport on your special day. And let’s just accept it, shorter wedding dresses bring out the confident “diva spirit” in a woman. You can also wear a short dress for other wedding events too.

Ruffled Dresses

ruffled wedding dress

Right now, minimalism has been a trend that rounds everyone’s mind. However, grand gowns still rule our dreams and imaginations when it comes down to our own wedding.

A beautiful ruffled dress accentuates the romantic, feminine self of a woman with the touch of drama. Ruffles are a classic addition to wedding dresses when they accompany lacework, giving out a fairytale feel to the look.

Vintage Styles

vintage wedding dress

You definitely have swooned over your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding pictures in your childhood. The classic detailing on the tea-length tulle or the lacework of the vintage wedding dresses are sure to win hearts.

So, if you love the vintage style, you would love to dress up in one such elegant vintage wedding dress. After all, there’s a reason that the classic style is always there from decades after decades. The feminine, romantic touch of these dresses can swoon anyone off their feet.

Simple Yet Elegant

elegant wedding dress

Do you prefer to keep your wedding dress simple yet elegant and refuse to go grand with the dress? Then you will love an elegant dress with clean lines, architectural elements like frills, and sleep shape.

As these gowns have simple designs, it opens the window for wearing elegant accessories complimenting the look. So, you can wear the gorgeous necklace you want to wear with the elegantly simple dress on your wedding day.

Curious about the top 2021 wedding dress trends? From vintage ruffles to simple yet elegant, these are the gowns every bride wants this year!

What are your favorite 2021 wedding dress trends? Share below!

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