Trump’s Top Pick for New Supreme Court Justice Threatens Same-Sex Marriage, Has Ties to Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups

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Trump’s shortlist of candidates to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg is loaded with conservatives who aren’t exactly known for supporting same-sex marriage, but one in particular stands out as a major threat. Allison Jones Rushing- believed to be the top pick- actually has ties to anti-LGBTQ hate groups. Read on for the full story.

Trump’s Top Pick for New Supreme Court Justice Threatens Same-Sex Marriage, Has Ties to Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or RBG, as she’s affectionately known) death had one dying wish- that the next president choose her replacement. However, within hours of her death, Mitch McConnel and Trump were already working on ways around the conservative Republican’s own rule against replacing a SCJ during an election year- a rule that they made up to prevent President Obama from replacing Justice Antonin Scalia, back in February of 2016.

Trump vowed to replace RBG with a woman, which should have been the one piece of good news in all of this. Then, he released his shortlist of potential candidates. A list that LAMBDA Legal blasted as “filled with anti-LGBT and extremist judges.  Among them, Allison Jones Rushing, a judge with ties to Alliance Defending Freedom. The anti-gay organization fights on behalf of those seeking to discriminate against same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.

Among other cases, the ADF played a role in supporting proponents of California’s notorious Proposition 8, which sought to overturn same-sex marriage rights in the state. The group backed Sally Howe Smith,, the Oklahoma clerk who refused to issue licenses to gay couples; fought in favor of allowing a florist to deny service to same-sex couples; and represented  Brush & Nib in the stationary studio’s case against Phoenix. They also stood against women’s reproductive rights in multiple cases.

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According to NBC News, Rushing interned for ADF when she was a law student in 2005. She also wrote amicus briefs for clients, and co-wrote a legal brief on “religious liberty”. Rushing continued her relationship with the hate group even after her internship, speaking at their conferences at least once a year between 2012 and 2017.

Rushing’s ties to the hate group have LGBTQ legal groups worried for the future of gay rights in America.  Some express concerns that these ties may actually be exactly why Trump chose her as his top candidate. Ian Wilhite, spokesperson for Lambda Legal, told NBC News,

“Throughout her brief legal career, Allison Rushing has supported and closely associated herself with one of the most extreme anti-LGBT organizations operating in this country today, the Alliance Defending Freedom. Rather than disqualifying her from consideration, this aspect of her record seems to have made up for all of the other deficiencies in her record.”

According to Daniel Dale of CNN, Trump boasted that one of his shortlisted candidates ‘”is 38 years old and could serve on the court for 50 years.” Dale said that almost definitely refers to Rushing.


President and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Vanita Gupta, told CNN,

“Her record clearly shows she will not be a fair and independent judge — a reality with dire consequences for Fourth Circuit cases and the American people.”

Before Ginsburg’s death, the Republicans already held a 5 to 4 majority on the Supreme Court. Should Mitch McConnell and Trump go ahead with plans to break existing rules, that would shift to a 6 to 3 majority. The implications aren’t just terrifying for future LGBTQ rights, but could even undo all of the strides advocates have made and completely reverse same-sex marriage rights.


What are your thoughts on Trump’s shortlist of candidates,  their strong stances against same-sex marriage and their ties to anti-LGBT hate groups? Share below.