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Amit Paley, the CEO of The Trevor Project, kicked off the #PrideEverywhere movement by sharing his own gay wedding photo.

The 2020 Pride Campaign centers seeks to remind LGBTQ young people that “Pride isn’t going anywhere, because Pride is everywhere.”

The message is especially important this year due to the novel coronavirus’ impact on annual Pride events.

Take a look at Paley’s message, then keep reading for the full story.

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“Pride isn’t just about parades”

The Trevor Project’s #PrideEverywhere movement seeks to remind the community that “Pride isn’t just about parades.”

Their organization’s primary purpose is reminding the young LGBTQ community that no matter how hard things may seem, they are not alone.

While it’s a vital message for LGBTQ youth in any circumstance, this year is particularly tough on the community.

COVID-19 led to the cancellation of nearly all pride parades, festivals and events planned for June (Pride Month).

It’s a hard period for everyone, but it’s important to know that the community sticks together, even in distance.

The Trevor Project also emphasizes the fact that many members of the LGBTQ community didn’t have the chance to attend pride events even before the pandemic started.

Indeed, it’s hard for them to express who they are when they are confined in their houses, but the #PrideEverywhere movement wants to let everyone know that it doesn’t matter where they are.

Demi Lovato shared a very empowering video, encouraging them to celebrate in their unique way.

Amit Paley, the CEO and Executive Director of The Trevor Project said.

Pride isn’t just about parades, it’s about celebrating what makes our LGBTQ community thrive. It’s about finding our strength even in times of challenge, sharing our joy even in moments of pain, and creating space to express and celebrate who we are. That’s been true since the first Pride march 50 years ago, and it’s just as true this season. People around the world are staying at home, but we at The Trevor Project believe that no matter where you are, you can still find Pride.

We’re Stronger Together

Photo Credit: The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is encouraging everyone to join the movement by applying the #PrideEverywhere filter to their photos and share them on social media.

Along with her message of support, Demi Lovato added the filter to her own Instagram image.

This campaign is the perfect moment to show solidarity for the marginalized part of the LGBTQ community. It’s important to be there for them and prove that they are not alone in this!

Every year, it is especially important to support LGBTQ young people during Pride because many are physically isolated from welcoming communities and resources that affirm and celebrate who they are. This year, that’s a reality many more young people can relate to. Since the onset of COVID-19, the volume of youth reaching out to The Trevor Project’s crisis services programs has increased, at times spiking to more than double volumes earlier in 2020.

Visit The Trevor Project’s website to learn more and to make your own image.

How are you supporting the #PrideEverywhere movement? Will you share your own gay wedding photos?

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