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Before you walk down the aisle, check out these four things nobody told you about your wedding day! Trust us, you want to know them!

Planning a wedding is something that is stressful as it is for not only the bride but the groom as well. There are things that you didn’t plan on happening that will, there are things that you won’t be prepared for and things that will just totally stress you out. Here are some things nobody told you about your wedding day.

Things Nobody Told You About Your Wedding Day

Think hard about when to plan the rehearsal dinner

Many couples getting married plan on having the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. However, many couples who have already been married will tell you that they wished they had scheduled their rehearsal dinner for another night instead. This is because everyone is stressed out at that point and in the middle of preparations.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for your wedding dress

You don’t need a fancy, costly wedding dress when you can find a gorgeous wedding dress for just hundreds. It may need just a bit of tailoring but it will look just like the luxurious thousand dollar wedding dresses. You don’t need to spend a fortune on something you will wear just for a few hours.

Designate a contact person on your wedding day

No matter how clear you put the details of the wedding on the invitations, come the day of the wedding you will still have tons of people calling you and texting wanting directions. Ask a family member or close friend to be in charge of your phone that day. This way you can focus on your special day instead of getting stressed out by all the phone calls.

You will not eat at all that day

When you go to choose your reception menu, the food will look wonderful. You will be excited about enjoying the Chicken Cordon Bleu that you picked out. However, you will find out that you probably won’t eat any of it. You will be busy having pictures taken and guests wanting to talk to you. By the time you do get a minute to sit down, you won’t want to eat because of a combination of adrenaline and nerves. Also, you probably haven’t eaten all day so you are probably so hungry that you aren’t really hungry, if that makes sense.

Did you already get married? Can you think of any other things nobody told you about your wedding day? Share below!


Olfa Turki
Olfa Turki

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