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A Tennessee PE teacher faces legal action brought on by a lesbian couple that claims he used team sports as a way to spread his religious agenda.

Chuck Comer of Knox County allegedly forced their teenage son to attend an anti-LGBTQ meeting.

Read on for the full story.

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A Tennessee PE teacher faces legal action brought on by a lesbian couple that claims he used team sports as a way to spread his religious agenda.

Tennessee P.E. Teacher Sued For Discrimination By Lesbian Couple

Even though most people are housebound or practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interesting things still happen.


This story come all the way from Knox County, Tennessee, where Chuck Comer, a physical education teacher, is being sued by a lesbian couple.

According to the lawsuit, the teacher forced their son to attend a ‘Teens for Christ’ meeting which the teacher is leading.

The ‘Teens for Christ’ organization took the mission of “turning teenagers into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.”

The meeting was mandatory for anyone who wanted to attend the West Valley Middle School’s basketball program, which again, is under Comer’s lead.

The ‘Teens for Christ’ program doesn’t specifically discriminate the gay couples, but based on its doctrine, it’s easy to interpret as such.


The organization believes the bible to be “infallible” and “authoritative.”

Comer allegedly spreads anti-LGBT beliefs at team meetings

The women also mentioned that Comer spread his anti-LGBT beliefs at the said meetings, considering homosexuality a sin.

On top of that, the couple claims that David Claxton, the county and West Valley Middle School principal, knew about everything that was happening, and this is definitely not the first time.

West Valley Middle School Principal David Claxton and Knox County have been aware of and have acquiesced to Comer, leading the school-sponsored basketball program at West Valley Middle School for not less than eight years, while using the same as pretext to recruit students to join ‘Teens for Christ’ program.

Of course, the couple is now looking for compensatory and punitive damages.


According to the lawsuit,

Comer lured middle-school students into Defendants’ “Teens for Christ”
organization by informing students that they were simply participating in a school-sponsored
basketball program.

Once Comer lured the students into participating in Defendants’ school-sponsored
basketball program, it was revealed that, in order to actually participate in such program, the
students would be forced to participate in the “Teens for Christ” program.

Which comes in direct opposition to the Knox County Schools spokesperson Carly Harrington’s statement for WBIR.

Students are not required to attend Bible study as a prerequisite to playing basketball at West Valley Middle School or any other Knox County school.

Comer refused to comment so far. Once the COVID-19 crisis passes and the case moves forward, we’ll update you.


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