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Choosing a great sister of the bride gift is no joke. After all- whether she’s also your maid of honor or not- she’s been your pillar pillar of strength throughout these hectic days of planning.

If you’re struggling to find just the right present to show her how much you appreciate her, keep reading. I found 15 touching, memorable, and just plain fun gifts she’ll adore.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Our 5 Favorite Sister of the Bride Gifts at a Glance 

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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10 Touching Sister of the Bride Gifts to Buy 

If you have exhausted yourself looking up gift ideas for the sister of the bride on the internet, you can relax now! Grab a cup of soothing tea and check out these brilliant options!

#1 Maid of Honor Proposal Kit

Sister Maid Of Honor Proposal Will You Be My Maid Of Honor image 0

With this simple gift box, you can ask your sister to step up as your maid of honor. Customize the gift set to make sure that your sister gets even more excited for the wedding.

Add perfumes, jewelry, and meaningful messages to let them know that their help is very much valued for the wedding.

Sister Maid Of Honor Proposal Will You Be My Maid Of Honor | Etsy

Melt her heart with this ALLURING BEAUTY necklace gift! The petite ribbon shaped pendant is finished with 14K white gold over stainless steel, and is embellished with dainty clear crystals surrounded by a sparkling 7mm round cut Cubic Zirconia.

#2 Antique Jewelry Box

Redwood Mini Suitcase Double Layer

This is a classic gift to show your love and appreciation for your sister. Just like they have protected you throughout your life, help them protect their favorite pieces of jewelry.

Since the carved details on the hardwood make it seem like an heirloom, maybe your sister can pass it down to future family as well!

erddcbb Jewelry Box Redwood Mini Suitcase Double Layer with Lock and Mirror Antique Hand Jewellery Box Storage Trinket Box
  • Vintage old copper lock, engraving, delicate pattern
  • The four-sided wrap-around copper piece is also meticulously carved to reveal the stunning truth and elegance.
  • With handles on both sides for convenient and safe placement
  • The bottom four sides are equipped with foot pads, anti-scratch and scratch-proof, beautifully decorated
  • After purchase: After purchase, if the goods are damaged, delivered damaged, or have any other quality problems - just tell us that we will exchange or refund your money!

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#3 Keepsake Box

As you get hitched, your sister may feel like she has lost her partner-in-crime. Let her know that you cherish all the time you spent together with a keepsake box filled with trinkets.

Personalize it with photos from past summer camps, sleepovers, and slumber parties. Be sure to leave enough space to fill in as you spend more quality time as sisters. 

Beautiful Handmade Keepsake Box | Etsy

Handmade in Detail Beautiful Wooden Keepsake Box

#4 Unique Charms Bracelet

PANDORA Jewelry Smooth Moments Snake Chain Charm Sterling Silver Bracelet

Maybe you have exhausted yourself looking for the perfect partner’s sister wedding gift. Worry not, this sterling silver bracelet is the perfect way to start a beautiful relationship with your sister-in-law.

Gift them with this iconic snake chain and a promise to add charms to it together, you will find this sister-in-law of the bride gift idea working better than any conventional one.  

Pandora Jewelry - Smooth Moments Snake Chain Charm Bracelet - Gift for Her - Sterling Silver - 7.5"
  • Iconic snake chain Pandora bracelet is perfect for your Pandora Moments charms
  • Hand-finished & stylish, stack it with charms to tell your story or wear it solo
  • Exquisitely crafted in sustainable & durable sterling silver
  • Measure your wrist, add 0.8" and use the size chart in our images for sizing
  • Give a voice to your loves and experiences through unique, hand-crafted jewelry

#5 Bridal Robes

wedding robes set of 5 monogrammed robes silver grey image 0

This is a fitting wedding gift idea if you have a lot of siblings to please. With comfy themed robes that can be used for the bridal shower or the bachelorette party, your entire team is going to have something to remember the event by. 

Wedding robes set of 5 monogrammed robes silver grey | Etsy

Experience the smooth, luxurious comfort of stretchy satin which creates the soft drape, silky hand and natural sheen of our robe. No detail was overlooked on our premium quality classic above the knee robe, with romantic collar, feminine flattering sweep that lend this robe a glamorous appearance. The inside modesty tie, generous overlap in the center and self-fabric detached outer belt keep the robe closed. Hidden pockets for girls to carry their favorite and personal items. Relax in style and get ready for your special day!!

#6 Personalized Décor 

Willow Tree My Sister, My Friend, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Even though personalized décor may sound boring, it can mean so much for your sister if done right. With this exquisite My Sister My Friend figurine, your sister will have a souvenir of the relationship you share.  

Willow Tree My Sister, My Friend, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
  • Sentiment: ”Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share… everything” written on Enclosure Card
  • 8.5”h hand-painted resin figure of two women, one in cream dress, one in blue/gray dress, standing next to each other, with arms and hands connected.
  • A gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women—best friends, sisters, co-workers, neighbors. Packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.
  • Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast from Susan's original carving and painted by hand.
  • Ready to display on a shelf, table or mantel. To clean, dust with soft brush or cloth.

#7 Monogrammed Bag 

Monogrammed Weekender Bag  Canvas and Genuine Leather Tote Navy

Planning a wedding is big business. As your sister helps you figure things out, gift them with a monogrammed tote bag or a canvas bag to carry around all the essentials. This can come in handy especially if you are having a destination wedding.  

Monogrammed Weekender Bag Canvas and Genuine Leather Tote | Etsy

This bag is a must-have for your weekend getaways! Genuine leather handles and bottom. Beautifully colored accents on beige canvas. Perfect for short getaways, business trips or even bachelor or bachelorette parties!

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#8 Gold Handwritten Pendant  

Gold Handwritten Pendant, 9K 14K 18K Yellow Gold Necklace, Engraved Disc Charm, Personalized Jewelry, Custom Disc, Handwriting Gift For Her

Think about what you really want to tell your sister before the wedding day and write it in gold. That’s right, you can even make it into a glossy gold foil signature exclusively for the sister of the bride gift necklace.

With customization possible on the gold-tone options and chain length, you can find the perfect piece of jewelry in even 14k gold or 24k gold.  

Gold Handwritten Pendant 9K 14K 18K Yellow Gold Necklace | Etsy

"Personal and unique!

A solid gold pendant with your own handwriting.

Make a wish and we'll engrave it!"

#9 Organic Herbal Relaxation Curated Spa Gift Box

Organic Herbal Relaxation Curated Spa Gift Box For Her image 0

To help your sister cope with having to share you with a whole new family, a care package is the best gift you can give. Filled with quality handmade products that are completely organic, you can take care of your sister even when you are not present.

If there is a tradition where sisters of the groom gift the bride, this is wedding gift idea is spot on. 

Organic Herbal Relaxation Curated Spa Gift Box For Her | Etsy

The perfect gift of indulgence for yourself, your mom, grandmother, boss, sister or best friend, just right for a relaxing weekend. All Hummingbird Herb & Soap Co. products are made with non toxic, organic herbs & flowers. No artificial ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, no preservatives, petroleum free.

#10 Makeup FTW

Makeup Essentials Hamper image 0

Everything becomes chaotic while planning a wedding and securing beautiful gifts for everyone on the family tree might even become impossible. Here is a solution, make your sister/maid of honor gift a makeup hamper.

Not only will the bridal party look stunning, but they will also love you for the makeup. Win-win.   

Makeup Essentials Hamper | Etsy

So You London’s ‘Essentials’ Bundle

Bespoke hamper for the ultimate finish.

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Handmade Sister of the Bride Gift Ideas

If purchasing a gift is not truly your style and you need something more to translate your feelings for your sister, it is time to get your hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves and craft the perfect gift you failed to find in stores. 

Word of advice: DIY gifts often take longer to be prepared and you may not find time for it amidst the wedding planning. Start early, in this case, to get the best results and prevent last-minute confusion. Your sister will appreciate your gesture and understand the affection that you hold for them.

P.S. Handmade gifts mean that you can make the most emotional gifts ever. Bring out the childhood photos and set out to truly embarrass your sister. 

#1 Digital Scrapbook of Favorite Photos 

When it comes to personalized gifts, scrapbooks come in the top-tier. Helping you avoid the mess of craft glue and paper cuts, create a digital scrapbook that contains all the moments you want to look back and smile at. This is pretty simple to execute and can turn on the waterworks quickly.   

#2 Merino Wool Heart Pillows  

Even though this is not a conventional sister of the bride gift, you can pull this off if you know the basics of crocheting. Your sister will miss cuddling with you, and this pillow will be one of their favorite gifts ever. This way, they can have a piece of you to display in their space. 

#3 Handmade Ornaments 

Remember the Christmases past where you made salt dough ornaments together. Walk down that memory lane again and create some ornaments or jewelry. This is a perfect way to blend both your styles and spend some time together.   

#4 Quality Handmade Journal 

There are very few people who won’t get excited by journals. If your sister has a hobby of journaling, crafting a journal for them is a gorgeous gift.

Pro tip: The process of making a journal by hand can be calming during the stressful times before the wedding day.

#5 The Ultimate Sisters Mixtape  

When in doubt about cool gifts, go old school. Mixtapes are a love language and can be an amazing sister of the bride’s gift. After curating the perfect playlist for your sister, throw in a premium snack hamper and you will have a happy sister and maid of honor on hand. 


Things can get hectic for the bride’s sister when she is the maid of honor as well. As they help you plan your big day, you need to show your love and support in the best way possible. From throwing you a bridal shower to fixing your veil on the wedding day, the maid of honor takes no break.

Thank her for all that effort with the best sister of the bride gift ideas you can find. Even if you don’t find something grand or traditional, they will love it all the more because it is from you.

Final Recommendation

Gold Handwritten Pendant is our top recommendation for the maid of honor gift. Not only is it classy, but it can also be a symbol of your relationship cast in gold. With proper customization, it might even become your sister’s go-to accessory. Besides, who wouldn’t like some fashionable jewelry right before a wedding? 

Gold Handwritten Pendant 9K 14K 18K Yellow Gold Necklace | Etsy

"Personal and unique!

A solid gold pendant with your own handwriting.

Make a wish and we'll engrave it!"

bride hugging her sister

What is your favorite sister of the bride gift? Please share your pick with us below!

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