Sandra Oh Fan Shares Photo Of Fiona Shaw With Her Wife Sonali and Twitter Goes Crazy

When a “Sandra Oh Enthusiast” shared photos of Oh’s Killing Eve costar Fiona Shaw with her wife, she likely didn’t expect Twitter to go completely nuts.

The Tweet went absolutely viral, and people all around the world are either shocked by the news, or completely thrilled by the idea.

Read on for the full story.

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Twitter Went Crazy Over Photos of Fiona Shaw with her Wife

The post received over 12,000 likes in under a day, and people are still engaging in it.

Some are completely stunned to find this out, while others come with cute replies, empowering the relationship.

And it looks like news can be incredibly exciting. The couple is indeed beautiful, and the people are not afraid to point it out.

Some of their fans are more involved in the story, and they actually know a little about the ladies.

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One of their followers points out a tragic story about Sonali, saying that she is happy “she’s found happiness again.”

Sonali lost her family in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and in 2018, according to an interview with The Guardian.

With therapy I learned to tolerate the unbearable, and to process the unthinkable. And I was able to revive.

Seeing all the support shows that the world is a beautiful place, and no matter what happens, their fans will keep the family together.

Everyone is thrilled, and to be honest, so are we!

Yes, they are cute, they are precious and they do look incredibly happy together!

Everyone who sees these pictures will understand how happiness comes in all forms!

And seeing how many people are actually with them makes out hearts melt!

But hey, love can really find you unexpectedly and it is the best thing you can possibly ask for.

So what does it take for a post to become viral?

Well, it’s two incredibly cute and energetic lesbians who unknowingly kept their relationship a secret to many, many people.

What are your thoughts on these adorable photos of Fiona Shaw and her wife? Share below!

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