7 Beautiful LGBT Wedding Stories from the Very First Same-Sex Marriages Throughout The History

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These beautiful LGBT wedding stories from the very first same-sex marriages throughout history will absolutely touch your heart.

These beautiful LGBT wedding stories from the very first same-sex marriages throughout history will absolutely touch your heart. Erasure of the LGBT community has the general public believing that same-sex marriages didn’t happen until they became legal in 2015. 

From secret same-sex love dating back to the early 1900s to recent examples of couples who became the first to wed in their country, these gay marriages ranged from informal and unsanctioned to celebrated around the world.

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Beautiful LGBT Wedding Stories from the Very First Same-Sex Marriages Throughout The History

The secret history of same-sex marriage is equally as sad as it is empowering. For each of these beautiful LGBT wedding stories, there are likely hundreds- if not thousands- of stories that we don’t know about.   It’s heartbreaking that their love had to be secret, and I’m sure countless same-sex marriages will never be reported.

The unknown couple share a kiss

Although I’ve tried to find out who these two beautiful women are, I can’t find information anywhere. The picture is likely from the early 1900s and showcases a lesbian couple getting married.

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Many have commented on the woman in the back, who seems to be a big fan. Support was found in those days, just not reported. Undoubtedly, being a lesbian back in 1901 was a lot more difficult. The fact that these two women, whoever they may be, chose to be more outspoken its admirable.

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1901 – Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga

Here you see a catholic wedding taken place, between two women. Sanchez Loriga dressed up as “Mario” in Spain in 1901. She disguised herself as a fictitious cousin after their family showed concerns.

Once their romance was exposed, they fled to Portugal – later moving to Argentina in 1902. They were unfortunately under threat of a Spanish extradition order.

The story is tragic, with records showing that Sanchez Loriga died by suicide, historians know very little about their life after that.

That being said, their marriage was never legally annulled. Suggesting that the marriage itself stood the test of time – even during almost impossible circumstances.

There’s actually a Spanish film called “Elisa y Marcela” all about this amazing relationship. If you’re interested, give it a watch, it’s on Netflix.

Same-sex marriage in ancient Rome

I dived a little deeper because obviously same-sex love is not a new thing. Surely, there must be examples of gay marriage at the start of history. Turns out, there totally is!

Roman men with wealth and power could actually marry same-sex partners. Emperor Nero who ruled until A.D. 68 married a boy named Sporus (although the details of the story aren’t amazing).

Emperor Elaganus who ruled until A.D. 222 married a famous male athlete, Zoticus. He also referred to a male slave called Hierocles as his husband.

There are no records of lesbian marriages in ancient Rome, sadly because women did not have the power or wealth. However, I think it’s worth mentioning that texts which refer to lesbian relationships during this time do exist.

LGBT weddings in Native America

Native American Tribes, like the Crow, also had same-sex marriages. This was likely linked to the fact that Native American beliefs revolve around the fact that their beliefs often state that people have “two spirits”.

These two spirits have both female qualities and male qualities and thus could marry somebody from the same sex. In theory, a biological male could live as a woman and therefore marry a man.

I found this super interesting. Ultimately, people were able to live as their innate “spirits” told them to. Isn’t that beautiful?

Same-sex marriage in pre-colonial Africa

There were societies in pre-colonial Africa that allowed women to marry other women. Typically, these were widowed women who did not want to marry another a man or return to their family.

In these cases, the widow would “act” as the husband – being in charge of inheritance and the family’s lineage. Unfortunately, these same-sex marriages do boil down to humans “belonging” to somebody.

In Western society, we often class these as LGBT, but they are just marriages between two people of the same gender. Obviously, there’s a big difference.

The truth is, there have always been gay and lesbian people and everything in between. They’ve often married, but sadly not to the people that they perhaps would have chosen.

This wedding made history in Costa Rica

Some of the most historical and beautiful LGBT wedding stories took place as recently as last month! That’s the case with this Costa Rican couple, who became the first to tie the knot when the nation legalized gay marriage on May 26th, 2016.

First Lesbian Couple to Wed in Northern Ireland


Sharni Edwards and Robyn Peoples became the very first lesbian couple to legally wed in Northern Ireland on February 12, 2020.

These stories are inspiring, while also highlighting the injustices that LGBT people went through, and still go through today. They also show that LGBTQ couples have been finding creative ways to celebrate their love for almost as long as humans have walked the earth.

Do you know of any other beautiful LGBT wedding stories that made history? Share below.

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