Same-Sex Couples Can Get Free Relationship Help Through LGBTQ+ Help Program

Seeking same-sex couples who are interested in participating in a LGBQ+ affirming online relationship help program.
Photo Credit: OR-PARTNERS via Reddit

A LGBTQ+ affirming online relationship help program is offering free relationship help for same-sex couples as part of a research study. University of Miami’s Department of Psychology posted their announcement in the Samesexparents sub-thread. The program invites  US LGBT couples over 21 years old to join. The OR-PARTNERS Program is a free relationship aid program for same-sex couples. It’s is being led by a queer mental health specialist.

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For a quick overview, the OR-PARTNERS program consists of an 8-hours LGBT online course designed to help gay couples gain tools to navigate relationship difficulties and to communicate better. Interested couples do need to commit to  meeting with their LGBT coach frequently. 

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Same-Sex Couples Can Get Free Relationship Help Through LGBTQ+ Help Program

Since the program is part of the University’s study, there are some rules to be able to participate in it. The couples should be United States citizens and over 21 years old. The couples interested in this program can find more information on the ORPARTNERSProgram website. 

The program helps LGBT couples identify problems, improve communications, and find ways to get through any relationship’s difficulties. Because same-sex couples don’t have many options when it comes to relationship services, this program comes in very helpful. It works through four simple steps and it can be free for eligible couples. 

Couples can take part in the research study

When signing up for the program, you also have the opportunity to participate in the study conducted by the University of Miami. It’s not mandatory, but they do want to see how much the OR-PARTNERS Program is helping the LGBT community. The study consist of an 8-hour program with activities designed for the couples, as well as a few video or phone calls with the coach and a couple of questionnaires. 

Participants will partake in the study for at least two months. ON-PARTNERS explains that the study isn’t completely risk-free. For example, this study has a chance of increasing distress in the relationship. Couples must commit to a 30-minute interview to determine eligibility for the study. Expect to answer questions about your relationships, background, and mental and physical health.

After this, the coaches will start preparing the participants and the program can start. As the University explains, all the coaches have a background in working with LGBT people. They have also been trained to be culturally sensitive. 

The 8-hour program involves certain activities, either alone or with the partner in order to solve one or two relationship problems. For research purposes, the participants may be asked if they allow the recording of the interviews. During the program, the participants will have to complete a series of questionnaires as well as the exit questionnaire when the project is finished or when one of the partners decides to drop out. 

The program is quite relaxed and very promising. Best of all, it’s free! In case you need that link again, same-sex couples who are interested in applying for the study should visit the ORPARTNERSProgram website.

What do you think of a marriage help program designed specifically for same-sex couples? Share your thoughts below.  

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