Same-Sex Couples Can Finally Legally Marry in Costa Rica

Same-sex couples in Costa Rica can finally legally tie the knot, thanks to the nation’s legalization of gay marriage this week.

While the law doesn’t take effect until May 26th, the LGBTQ community is already celebrating.

Read on for the full exciting story.

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Same-sex couples in Costa Rica can finally legally tie the knot, thanks to the nation's legalization of gay marriage this week. Read the full story.

Costa Rica Finally Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Starting on May 26, the citizens of Costa Rica can being registering for their same-sex marriages.

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The news comes after a long time of officials and different associations fighting for the LGBT rights in the region.

Back in 2016, Luis Guillermo Solis, president at the time, promised to expand gay rights in Costa Rica and he called the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for aid.

After all, human rights should apply to the LGBTQ community as well. That includes legalizing same-sex marriage.

Later, in August 2018, the Supreme Court of Costa Rica made a decision.

According to that, banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. The ruling allowed officials 18 months to complete the legal requirements to implement it.

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Even though they helped, the Central American LGBT+ community has been fighting for this for a very long time, and seeing it happen must feel like a well-deserved victory.

Luis Guillermo Chinchilla said.

The Civil Registry has made significant efforts in adjusting all the computer systems in civil registry matters, with the purpose of managing these registrations in a timely and expeditious manner, always within the framework of suitable and effective registry security as usual by our institution.

What does this mean? Essential, Costa Ricans can enjoy the benefits and freedoms of other progressive parts of the world.

Not everyone supported same-sex marriage legalization in Costa Rica

Of course, as always, not everyone agrees with the legalization of same-sex marriage. Fabricio Alvarado Munos, who is running for president, is one of the opponents.

Along with his campaign, he is also running a very aggressive anti-gay campaign, and he’s willing to withdraw it from the human rights courts.

Ana Helena Chacon Echeverria, the former vice president of Costa Rica, shares her thoughts in the “hellish” division.

The country split in half. This was the issue. We weren’t talking about taxes or infrastructure or poverty, they were talking about gay rights, yes or no? It was like a referendum on gay rights. We went through torture during those months because, for the first time in my country, gay people were feeling fear. It was hateful.

Thankfully, that time of division is over. As of the end of this month, gay citizens of Costa Rica can legally marry and start their families.

Share your thoughts on Costa Rica’s legalization of same-sex marriage below.

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