A Same-Sex Wedding is FINALLY Coming to Coronation Street (No, for Real This Time)

Coronation Street, the long-running British soap opera, is FINALLY giving viewers the same-sex wedding they’ve been waiting for…one that doesn’t end in disaster halfway down the aisle. Read on for the full story.

A Same-Sex Wedding is FINALLY Coming to Coronation Street (No, for Real This Time)

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How to Pull off a Mixed Gender Wedding

During it’s 60-year run, Coronation Street (affectionally called “Corrie” by fans )has never actually gone through with a same-sex marriage between characters. Sure, a handful of gay and lesbian couples made it as far as the walk down the aisle…only to see calamity strike  before the “I Do.”

Now, according to Manchester Evening News, that’s about to change. The soap’s bosses are currently planning the very first gay wedding that will actually go off without a hitch. Well, maybe a few hitches; it IS a soap, after all. However, creators have assured fans that this time, the couple will actually exchange vows and hear the officiant pronounce them husband and husband. The big question is, which two men will get to share that first newlywed kiss?

Fan favorite Billy Mayhew (played by Daniel Brocklebank) will definitely be one half of the couple. However, fans are anxiously waiting to find out if he will end up with his current partner Paul (Peter Ash), or go back to his ex Todd (Gareth Pierce). What Billy doesn’t know (but viewers do), is that Todd has been scheming to lure him away from Paul. Viewers will just have to wait and see!

Not Corrie’s First Attempt at a Same-Sex Wedding

While Billy’s nuptials mark the first gay wedding on Corrie, as mentioned above, this isn’t the first time the show planned a same-sex wedding. Two previous attempts included a lesbian wedding between Kate Connor and Rana Habeeb, and another between Sophia Webster and Sian Powers. Neither actually happened.

Rana and Kate’s wedding hit a deadly snag when a sabotaged roof collapsed and killed Rana. While the couple managed to exchange vows as Kate held a dying Rana in her arms, the marriage was never official. Sophia’s and Sian’s wedding ended when Sian overheard Sophie telling a friend that she’s not really in love with Sian.

Daniel Brocklebank is thrilled at the prospect of making history in the first same-sex wedding to actually make it through to the end. He told the Mirror.

“It would be lovely, as a gay man myself, to be part of the first gay wedding on Corrie that actually happens! That would be amazing.”

Daniel added that he thinks it would be really important to do it in a church, saying his character would be “torn” at the fact that he couldn’t (The Church of England doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages). Daniel’s character, Billy, is an archdeacon, who has quit the church twice before for love. However, he always went back. Brocklebank said,

“It would have to be a pretty special man to make him get married in a registry office.”

Whether that special man is his current love or his ex remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain- this time Corrie truly is going through with a same-sex weddings. No take backs!

What are your thoughts on Coronation Street’s promise of the first same-sex wedding that actually happens? Are you a fan of the show? Share below!

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