20 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Looking for the best Red Hot Chili Peppers Wedding songs to play on your special day? We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll find a list of 20 songs that will add an energetic touch to your wedding day.

As expected, these amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) tracks offer a combination of romance, energy, and classic appeal. So rest assured that your wedding atmosphere will be infused with dancing, laughter, and celebration. 

Whether you’re a fan of this legendary band or you just appreciate good music, it doesn’t matter. We’re sure that our song list will make your wedding ceremony enjoyable and memorable.

20 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Wedding Songs

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1. Hard to Concentrate

Best Lyrics: Agree to take this man/Into your world/And now, we are as one

This slow, romantic song will be perfect for your first dance as newlyweds. The lyrics explore the feelings of vulnerability and distraction that come with falling in love with someone special. 

2. Dance, Dance, Dance

Best Lyrics: You got mine but I’ve got yours/I got love but you got more

From its title, instrumentation, and lyrics, you’d know “Dance, Dance, Dance” is a celebratory song. And so, this song can set the tone for a playful and joyful party atmosphere at the wedding reception. 

3. Feasting on the Flowers

Best Lyrics: We were moving in the world/Expanding your realities

“Feasting on the Flowers” has powerful lyrics that can inspire listeners. The song serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent and that everyone should embrace life fully. 

4. Road Trippin’

Best Lyrics: Blue, you sit so pretty west of the one/Sparkles light with yellow icing, just a mirror for the sun

This joyful song fully captures the celebratory mood of wedding ceremonies, making it an ideal choice. It has playful and happy lyrics that encourage listeners to enjoy every moment of life. 

5. She Looks to Me

Best Lyrics: Lost in a valley without my horses/She needs somebody to hold

“She Looks to Me” is a beautiful, uplifting song of assurance that encourages listeners who feel alone. It conveys a message of hope to listeners that there will always be someone to lean on in challenging times. 

6. Under the Bridge

Best Lyrics: I don’t ever wanna feel/Like I did that day/Take me to the place I love

Before the wedding ceremony officially begins, you can play this song in the background to create a calm atmosphere. “Under the Bridge” has powerful lyrics that convey the idea that love can overcome all challenges.

7. Desecration Smile

Best Lyrics: Desecration is the smile on my face/The love I made is the shape of my space

While “Desecration Smile” is not a regular wedding song, its deep lyrics can inspire listeners. The song can be played as background music during the dinner party or cocktail hour. 

8. I Could Have Lied

Best Lyrics: The sweetest feeling/I got from you

This emotional song revolves around the themes of betrayal and forgiveness. “I Could Have Lied” can encourage couples to forgive one another easily. Consider playing this song at the afterparty or playing its instrumental version because some guests may not enjoy its lyrics. 

9. Savior

Best Lyrics: Now that I can, always my man/Now you see what I came for

“Savior” is a touching song that every listener will find interesting and relatable. The lyrics speak of the desire to find someone to offer love, support, and liberation from struggles. 

10. Hump de Bump

Best Lyrics: It’s not about the smile you wear but/The way we make out

“Hump De Bump” is an upbeat romantic song that guests can dance to at your wedding ceremony. The lyrics have a playful tone that celebrates love and intimacy with a romantic partner. 

11. Warm Tape

Best Lyrics: Shiver for me, girl/Deliver for me, my darling

This song perfectly captures the essence of the transformative power of love, making it a fitting choice. The lyrics explore the deep feelings of passion and the uncertainty that come with falling in love. 

12. Wet Sand

Best Lyrics: My heart is hurting when I share/Someone open up, let it show

“Wet Sand” is a slow romantic song with touching lyrics and a beautiful melody, making it perfect for your first dance.

The song talks about the intoxicating nature of love, which listeners can relate to. Its lyrics describe being in love with someone as appealing and destructive, similar to wet sand. 

13. Dosed

Best Lyrics: Show love with no remorse and/Climb onto your seahorse and/This ride is right on course

This enchanting love song can set the tone for a romantic atmosphere for you and everyone present at your wedding ceremony.

The lyrics describe falling in love with someone special as being hypnotized and having the desire to be with them forever. “Dosed” has a dreamy melody and powerful lyrics that capture the feeling of being in a romantic relationship. 

14. This Ticonderoga

Best Lyrics: Can you see the we/What are we ever gonna do when all I want to be is next to you

This song has a captivating melody, a driving rhythm, and powerful lyrics, making it perfect for the wedding party. The lyrics explore the complex and intense nature of romantic relationships. “This Ticonderoga” revolves around the themes of love, obsession, and lust. 

15. This Velvet Glove

Best Lyrics: I’d take a fall and you know that I’d do anything/I will for you

“This Velvet Glove” describes the desire to get close to a partner to express one’s feelings. The lyrics also talk about the idea of prioritizing self-growth and fulfillment. Ultimately, the song emphasizes the need to balance loving a partner with improving oneself. 

16. Soul to Squeeze

Best Lyrics: When I find my peace of mind/I’m gonna give ya some of my good time

This song conveys a deep message of perseverance in difficult times, which can encourage everyone going through the same thing. “Soul to Squeeze” can leave a lasting impression in the minds of guests at your ceremony. 

17. Tell Me Baby

Best Lyrics: Tell me, lover, are you lonely?/The thing we need is/Never all that hard to find

With this touching song, you can set the tone for a lively atmosphere. “Tell Me Baby” is a classic song that inspires listeners to never give up on their goals despite the challenges along the way.  

18. Easily

Best Lyrics: Easily let’s get carried away/Easily let’s get married today

Considering its catchy chorus and energetic beat, “Easily” will create an exciting and magical experience for everyone present.

The song captures the essence of love, liberation, and the need to find meaning in life. “Easily” can be played for your first dance or during the wedding reception to get everyone on the dance floor. 

19. My Friends

Best Lyrics: I love all of you/Hurt by the cold/So hard and lonely, too

“My Friend” is a powerful and touching song that explores the essence of friendship. The lyrics convey a message of assurance to always show love and offer support to friends in their difficult times. Dedicate this emotional song to your friends on your big day to make them feel special. 

20. Universally Speaking

Best Lyrics: Nothing better than love and service/Universally speaking

This upbeat music will make you and your guests have a fun time on your big day. The lyrics explore the power of love and the feelings of being deeply connected to someone special. In addition to this song’s meaningful lyrics, its enchanting melody can enhance your wedding atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

From our list of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, we’re confident that you’ve made the most ideal song choices. When it comes to choosing the songs to play at your wedding, don’t be in a hurry.

If you have little music knowledge, speak with professionals and let them handle it. For years to come, you’ll always remember every moment of your big day. Hence, you should always feel happy that you made the right choices, especially about the tracks that were played. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Plays Music During Wedding Ceremony?

Most of the time, couples hire a music band to perform songs live at their ceremonies. The band can include a pianist, a harpist, a drummer, and a soloist. 

Live music has a way of creating a beautiful and lively atmosphere for guests. Plus, the band’s performance can add a touch of style to your occasion. 

Who Chooses the Bride Entrance Song?

Typically, the bride chooses the song she wants to walk down the aisle to. For the wedding party members and parents, the couple can select songs or ask them to make choices.

In some cases, couples choose a single song that everyone can walk down the aisle to when time is limited.

Does the Bride Have To Speak?

Traditionally, a bride doesn’t have to speak at her wedding ceremony. However, no rule says she shouldn’t verbally express herself if she feels like it.

She can thank her family members and guests for their support towards the success of the occasion. The bride can also express her feelings to her husband on one of the most important days of their lives. 

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