Pride of the Americas Canceled Due To The Coronavirus

Like many other events around the world, Pride of the Americas has been canceled due to coronavirus.

So, if you were planning on attending the inaugural event, you’ll want to start making a few phone calls to cancel tickets and hotel rooms.

Read on to learn more about this breaking news story, plus, find out if and when it’s being rescheduled.

If you planned on attending the Pride of the Americas event in late April, you'll want to read this. The event has been canceled due to coronavirus.

Pride of the Americas Canceled Due to Coronavirus

With more and more cases of coronovirus popping up every day, most of the major events around the world are being postponed or even canceled.

So far, we’ve seen the NBA outright suspend their season, other sporting events playing to an empty stadium, and even movie premiers postponed indefinitely.

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Now, the LGBTQ+ Pride of the Americas, which was supposed to be held from 21st to 26th April 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, has fallen victim to coronavirus cancellations.

The event, which expected about 350 attendees from all over the world, was originally planned to host parties, concerts, conferences and fashion shows, as well as a grand parade.

On Wednesday, Pride Fort Lauderdale sent out a statement explaining their action to cancel the event.

The decision came in response to uncertainty around the current COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the health and safety of both local residents and the hundreds of thousands of guests expected from across North and South America and the Caribbean.

Pride Fort Lauderdale has already begun working with the city, county and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, the festival’s presenting sponsor, to identify new dates this fall.

Unfortunately, “this fall” is about as specific as they can get for now, and even that depends on the course of the virus over the next few months.

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Pride Events in Palm Beach & Miami Still On

If you planned on attending the Pride of the Americas event in late April, you'll want to read this. The event has been canceled due to coronavirus.

Don’t cancel those travel plans just yet (although you may have to rearrange them a bit).

As of today, both the  Palm Beach Pride (March 28-29) and Miami Beach Pride  (March 28-April 5) are still on.

Unfortunately, the logistics and number of people traveling abroad makes the Pride of the Americas event a little more complex.

Originally, over 350,000 planned to travel from all over the world to Fort Lauderdale.

Given the recent travel bans combined with overall panic over COVID-19, hosting the event just isn’t feasible.

Fort Lauderdale is home to the largest number of same-sex couples in the United States, making it among the most LGBTQ-friendly destinations in North America.

So, while this event is currently off the table, it’s still a fantastic destination full of activities, attractions, and venues owned by the LGBTQ community.

As for the other Pride events, we recommend checking their respective websites frequently.

While they’re still on the schedule today, that could change tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on Pride of the Americas canceling due to COVID-19? Share below!

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