9 Perfect Personalized Face Masks For Weddings (Including Options for Guests!)

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Finding the best personalized face masks for weddings doesn’t always come easy. No worries, though! We put together a list of our favorites that offer the most customizable options. After all, your wedding has to be unique. Keep reading to check them out!

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Why Choose Personalized Face Masks For Your Wedding?

When it comes to weddings it’s amazing to be able to have as many personalized things as possible, as it brings a unique factor in and truly makes it your day.

5 Perfect Personalized Face Masks F...
5 Perfect Personalized Face Masks For Weddings Including Options for Guests!

Since face masks are mandatory pretty much everywhere these days, it’s important to choose something that fits the overall look that you’re going for.

Look, let me be blunt. No one likes wearing masks, and no one dreams of a wedding album filled with photos in which their face is covered. However, choosing something that was literally made just for you can at least take the sting out of wearing one.

So, we’re sharing some of our top picks for you and your true love. We’re also sharing some great options for your guests! Use them as wedding favors, or give them out before the ceremony so that everyone matches. Your choice!

Personalized Face Masks For Your Wedding

Whether we’re talking about cute face masks to remind everyone of the wedding, or just something funny to create a remarkable moment, we found something special for your big day. Take a look!

Finding the best personalized face masks for weddings isn't easy, so we put together a list of our favorites for you. Take a look!

1. Quarantined For Life Face Mask

Quarantined For Life Face Mask

This is one of the funniest facemasks, as you and your beloved really are quarantined for life! It can be personalized with your name and date! You can find it on Etsy, and it’s also a good idea to use this facemask as a favor for your wedding guests!

Quarantined for Life Face Mask

Anti-microbial polyblend reusable fabric face mask. Made with moisture-wicking material that is soft, cozy, and breathable. Printed in the USA.

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2. Happily Ever After Personalized Wedding Face Mask

Happily Ever After Personalized Wedding Face Mask

These face masks were designed to be used as favors. You can buy them in bulk for you and your guests and have them personalized with your names and dates. Or, just buy one to use as your wedding face mask. They are available on Etsy, and you can get them in both black and white, depending on your preferences.

Happily Ever After Personalized Wedding Face Mask

Handmade item, Materials: Cotton.  Include what you would like on the mask: phrase, name, date, etc, then choose the font!

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3. Smiling For … Facemask

Smiling For ... Facemask

When it comes to giving out personalized facemasks, you need to think about a lot of things. These masks for example, are simply inviting everyone to smile and remember your special day. You can find then on Etsy and have them personalized with your names and date, so your guests will have something special from that day.

Smiling For ... Facemask

This reusable cloth wedding print face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face. They, however, are not medical-grade, thus, not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.

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4. Personalized Face Mask for Maid of Honor

Personalized Face Masks for Wedding Party & More

Of course, simple can be amazing, and these masks from Etsy definitely prove that. You can have personalized facemasks for every person involved in the ceremony, as they accept custom orders and artwork. Besides having everything extremely organized, the guests will leave with beautiful memories of how they helped you create this moment.

Personalized Face Mask for Wedding Party & More

Mask is black with white art. Custom art color is available upon request. Please message me with any questions or to request a change of art color or design.

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5. Just Married LGBTQ Personalized Wedding Face Masks

Just Married LGBTQ Personalized Wedding Face Masks

These are my favorites. They are incredibly beautiful, they send a powerful message, and on top of everything, they come in three different sizes and can be adjusted so they fit everyone. To make everything perfect, the Etsy seller even allows you to personalize it with the message you want.

Just Married LGBTQ Personalized Wedding Face Masks

Personalized LGBTQ face masks. The masks have an inner pocket to be able to filter them if you want (filter is not included)

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6. Personalized Face Masks for Wedding Guests

Custom Guest Wedding Masks

If you are looking for sets of masks that were specially designed to be given as wedding favors to your guests, then these sets may just be the answer. The Etsy seller allows its customers to add the name and date as well as choose the color vinyl  for the lettering.

Custom Guest Wedding Masks

he masks have a pocket for a filter and can come with a filter already inside if you chose to. The lettering is iron-on vinyl that is hand put on, these masks are handmade and may have slight variations between them.

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7. Personalized Polka Dot Face Mask

Embroidered Monogram Face Mask

If you want something simple yet elegant, we love this beautiful monogrammed option from Etsy. The subtle polka dots add a splash of fun, and the silver letting goes with pretty much any wedding gown.

Embroidered Monogram Face Mask

Made with cotton fabric and have sewn-in elastic bands. The outside fabric is white with cream polka dots. There is a layer of interfacing in the middle for added protection and white cotton fabric as the inside facing of the mask.

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8. Pretty Phoxie Face Masks

Over on Amazon, these pretty face masks allow you to personalize the names and date. While they use gender-specific terms like “bride” and “groom” in their product description, you can absolutely add two brides or two grooms to make them your own.

9. Spread Love, Not Germs Funny Face Masks

If you want to go the funny route, these are an adorable and witty reminder to spread love, not germs. Enter any custom text (within the character limits). Go with your names and date, or something else entirely if you prefer.

It’s amazing to have as many memories from your special day, and you can do it, especially when you have a ton of face masks to personalize.

Did you use any other personalized face masks for your wedding, or have any other favorites? Share below!

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