Pat Robertson Blames Same-Sex Marriage for Pandemic

Televangelist Pat Robertson claims that the COVID-19 pandemic won’t end until the US repents for same-sex marriage.

Yes, you read that right.

Robertson claims god is “holding us guilty” for our “sins” and punishing us with a pandemic.

Read on for the full shocking story.

Televangelist Pat Robertson claims that the COVID-19 pandemic won't end until the US repents for same-sex marriage. Read the full shocking story.

Shocking! Pat Robertson says pandemic won’t end until the US repents same-sex marriage

Popular television anchor and LGBT opposer Pat Robertson’s nasty remark on LGBTQ+ is making huge waves.

The televangelist said that almighty won’t put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic until the US remorses its law on same-sex wedding and abortion.

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Pat Robertson takes a dig at the LGBTQ community by blaming them for pandemic

Pat Robertson avidly opposes the LGBTQ+ community and everything they stand for. Time and again, he’s made that abundantly clear.

On a recent episode of 700 Club, though, the televangelist delivered one of his most shocking remarks against the community.

He essentially blamed them, and everyone that supports them, for COVID-19.[0]=AZX01LArV-OHFaQuQqqdpW8QVuq-SB-HAvEhsdml4WtvZwzzO9PRKVZ4LppO-uJsgSMSM4WAlRTXY6Ra6_2VQEwbMg81ffFOcV5NHVSL4ZuOZNmDA85qU7lMcKBDGgSG9Y0&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

He was addressing viewers’ questions along with co-host Terry Meeuwsen.

One viewer named John asked a question connecting LGBT with the plight of the US.

John asked how the almighty would be able to heal and forgive sins of the land where laws related to abortion and same-sex marriage exist and where people are against Israel?

Robertson expressed his affirmation to this statement.  He replied to it by saying that people have broken the covenant of humanity created by the almighty.

Robertson further added that god has held everyone guilty for taking the life of innocent through abortion and for allowing the plague to reach the community.

He also said that the only way to get rid of this pandemic and heal the land is by confessing and remorsing.

By this statement, he means that the pandemic will only end after the US takes back the law passed for same-sex marriage and abortion.

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Pat Robertson is not alone in linking COVID-19 with LGBTQ+

Sadly, Robertson is not the only person to link faith-based beliefs with natural disasters and dangerous events.

An Iraqi political leader, Muqtada al-Sadr also expressed his opinion that same-sex marriage led to the pandemic.

Ralph Drollinger, Donald Trump’s minister and leader of Bible Study Group is also anti-LGBTQ.

He also asserts that the pandemic is almighty’s punishment and he primarily blames same-sex relationships for it.

In Poland, the right-wing government is using the pandemic as a tool to pass a law considering gay people similar to pedophiles. Furthermore, they are even trying to forbid all-sex education in schools.

Similarly, the rights of transgenders to change their sex are being altered in Hungary.

In Uganda, COVID-19 powers are being misused to abuse LGBTQ members. They are being raided and being falsely accused of COVID-19 offenses.

Same-sex marriage is not a sin…

The director of religion and faith program of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Michael Vazquez reacted to it.

According to him, Pat is misusing the tragedy as a weapon to ignite anti-LGBTQ riots that will ultimately damage and isolate the community.

He further added that Jesus never said that it is a sin to have a different sexual orientation.

There’s nowhere a correlation between same-sex marriage and tragedies like a pandemic or natural disasters.

Christianity is all about love, empathy, and justice. On the contrary, Pat Robertson is spreading hate and violence in the name of god.

What would you tell Pat Roberston about his assertion that the pandemic won’t end until we repent for same-sex marriage? Share below.

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