Netflix’s Lesbian Documentary ‘A Secret Love’ Warms The Heart But Does It Miss the Mark?

Netflix’s lesbian documentary “A Secret Love” definitely warms the heart.

However, some complain that it also completely misses the mark entirely.

Read on for the full story.

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Does Lesbian Documentary “A Secret Love” Miss the Mark?

Netflix’s lesbian documentary ‘A Secret Love’ is out now on the streaming platform.

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The heart-touching story that revolves around a lesbian couple that spent decades hiding their love for each other.

While most reviewers can’t stop talking about how it brought them to tears and warmed their hearts, a few take a different stand.

Buzzfeed’s Shannon Keating feels the documentary completely missed the mark, and she’s not alone.

Take a look at the trailer first, then read on to learn why some feel the documentary could have done better.

How Netflix “missed the mark” on A Secret Love.

Ever since the trailer of Netflix’s ‘A Secret Love’ came out, it aroused curiosity among the viewers.

That’s why, when the show premiered in the platform, it received an overwhelming response.

Furthermore, the film was even making waves in social media.

This 1 hour and 20 minutes movie is based on the story of a gay couple who kept their relationship hidden for almost 70 years before they tied the knot.

It’s a heart-touching story in which viewers won’t be able to stop their tears from falling.

The movie is inspired from the real-life story of Terry Donahue and her partner Pat Henschel.

Terry Donahue is the aunt of movie’s director, Chris Bolan.

In the movie, we’ll see how Terry and Pat fall for each other and how they decide to live together.

The movie also highlights the reaction of Terry’s family (which includes the director) on her decision to live with Pat.

Though the movie is a love story of lesbian couple and their struggle, it looked more like a narration of the impact of Terry’s sexuality in the life of the director.

This is where it missed the mark. It depicted the view of a straight person on gay love and how it affected him rather than focusing on how it affecting them.

Furthermore, Terry’s family was shown as supportive. However, this raised the question: Why then did they still keep their true relationship hidden from the family?

And, the movie didn’t reveal the exact reason why Pat and Terry didn’t live their full truth for 70 long years.

We can only find little clues on some occasions.

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Viewers gave a mixed response from viewers and critics

‘A Secret Love’ received mixed responses on social media as well.

Many from the LGBTQ community posted their positive comments. Most are happy that a love story based on their lives is receiving amazing reactions from everyone.

Several viewers applaud the flick for showing same-sex love.

A user commented

“Y’all I am trying not to cry. My heart is so happy. Charley and I are watching a movie/documentary called, “A Secret Love.” It is about a lesbian couple who fell in love in the 40’s and kept their love a secret for decades and just came out 3 years ago to friends and family. Their love is so pure and the things they endured is just beautiful. They finally got married after almost 70 years of being together”

Again, though, others felt that it didn’t quite hit the mark. A Buzzfeed user said,

“It’s an exquisitely crafted love story that may be the ideal antidote to your least-favorite queer tropes”

Producer Ryan Murphy said

“It has been extremely gratifying to see how these LGBTQ themes clearly resonate for a wide range of audiences.”

Amidst positive reactions, there are critics who feel the movie is more inclined towards the perspective of a straight person on same-sex relationship.

Writer Britni de la Cretaz wrote about the film in her newsletter.

She felt that Terry and Pat deserved better exposure in the movie. She finds it more like a flattening of the context and community queer people exist within. She quoted

“We’re too worried whether a piece of work will resonate with ‘a wide range of audiences’ rather than whether it was made to resonate with the community it’s presumably about.”

Do you think the Netflix lesbian documentary “A Secret Love” missed the mark? Share below.

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