‘A New York Christmas Wedding’ on Netflix is the Feel-Good Same-Sex Love Story We Need This Year

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s latest LGBTQ holiday movie, A New York Christmas Wedding, you’re missing out! The flick, which featuring a bisexual main character, is exactly the kind of feel-good flick about same-sex love that we desperately need this year. Read on for the full scoop.

A New York Christmas Wedding‘ on Netflix is the Feel-Good Same-Sex Love Story We Need This Year

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latest LGBTQ holiday flick A New York Christmas Wedding, features a lead bisexual character who gets a second chance at true love. Jennifer (played by Nia Fairweather) is about to marry David (Otoja Abit), but she’s getting cold feet. When David’s mom swoops in and takes over all of the wedding planning without so much as a thought to Jennifer’s wishes, he feet go from cold to downright freezing.


The plot behind A New York Christmas Wedding is fairly standard holiday fare. It follows the traditional “It’s a Wonderful Life” format. However, rather than showing her what would happen if she’d never been born, Jennifer’s angel shows her what could happen if she followed her heart.

See, once upon a time, Jennifer had a best friend named Gabrielle (Adriana DeMeo). Unbeknownst to Gabrielle, though, Jennifer’s feelings went beyond just those of friendship. Circumstances led to the pair falling out and growing apart over the years, and Jennifer never acted on those feelings. When Jennifer finds herself questioning her future marriage- while also reeling from her father’s recent death- the angel Azrael (played by Cooper Koch) pays her a visit.

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He sends her off to an alternative reality, saying, “I’ve brought you here to see what could have been with your true first love.” You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next! Even though you can probably guess the rest of the story, it’s still worth watching. In a world where the news just keeps getting worse every day, this is exactly the kind of feel-good predictable same-sex love story that we need right now.

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A New York Christmas Wedding joins a longer-than-average list of LGBTQ holiday flicks this year

Let’s be honest,  2020 has been positively dreadful in so many ways. We’ve lost over a quarter-million lives to a pandemic that just won’t quit. We have Supreme Court justices ranting about reversing same-sex marriage laws. Then there’s the rancid icing on the cake-a sitting president actively attempting to overrule democracy and stage a coup.  However, 2020 does have one thing going for it: it’s a banner year for LGBTQ representation in holiday movies.

A New York Christmas Wedding joins numerous other films featuring same-sex couples in a lead role, including Hallmark’s The Christmas House, MTV Studios’ Dashing in December, and Hulu’s Happiest Season. Hopefully next year we’ll see even more LGBTQ representation, and more the year after that, until same-sex couples have just as many sappy and predictable holiday love stories to watch as opposite-sex couples.

 Have you watched A New York Christmas Wedding  yet? What do you think about Netflix’s feel-good same-sex love story?

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