Mom Saved $20K for Daughter’s Big Day, But Won’t Use It to Pay for Same-Sex Wedding

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What happens when your mother saves $20k for your big day, but then changes her mind when you announce that it will be a same-sex wedding? Well, it goes viral. This mother decided to post her story in a subreddit called “AmITheAs*hole” and it got over 2,000 comments.

Mom Saved $20K for Daughter’s Big Day, But Won’t Use It to Pay for Same-Sex Wedding

She started by saying that she and her husband started saving money for their daughter’s college since she was born. By the time she went to college though, her daughter managed to get a scholarship that covered most of the expenses.

When they offered to give her the money right then and there, their daughter asked them to hold onto it for her wedding.

As the mother said, this happened years ago, but in the meantime, her daughter came out as a bisexual and started dating another woman. The mother said.

My husband and I were really upset because we loved the idea of her having a husband and a family, grandchildren for us. We thought it was just a phase but 4 years later they are still together and they got engaged last month.

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Since daughter is marrying a woman, mom’s using the money for herself

When the daughter came to visit and discuss the same-sex wedding, her mother said that she offered to pay for it as long as she married a man, and now she would rather use that money for “renovations.”

When her daughter’s girlfriend call her homophobic and both her daughters decided not to speak with her again, she posted on the AITA subreddit and the comments were precious.

One user said.

Please don’t try to downplay homophobia. You had a preferred sexuality for your daughter in mind and are not willing to accept her (rightfully) own decisions. You concluded together that the money you saved up was for your daughter’s wedding. The money may have originated from you, but she has equal say in where it can get used. Are you willing to alienate your daughter from your lives just to spend the extra cash on a new couch?

And of course, someone had to point out the real reason behind the renovations.

There’s no new couch. They aren’t planning a renovation, they just don’t want to support their daughter.

Another user sarcastically added, “You don’t understand. OP isn’t homophobic. She just doesn’t “want” her daughter to be homosexual. See, it’s fine.”

Another said:

Yeah, I mean she’s still under the age of 40 and has to answer to every one of her parents’ requests. And if mommy says you’re not bi, you’re not bi. Duh.

A few people did feel bad for the mom and tried to gently persuade her to see why she was being unfair. One user explained, “You agreed to keep it for her wedding, did you say at the time only if you marry someone of the opposite gender no. Your daughter had a reasonable expectation, you had agreed to keep the 20k for her wedding.”

The mom eventually edited the post and added that she wasn’t expecting this reaction.

I have rethought my stance and I will be trying to be more understanding of my daughter however I know to never go to this forum again.

One can only conclude that she was hoping for a much different response that supported her homophobic viewpoint. Perhaps the 2,000+ comments gave her something to think about and she truly will embrace her daughter’s future wife.

What are your thoughts on this mom refusing to pay for a same-sex wedding? Does your stance change when you realize it was already the daughter’s money? Share below

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