This Married At First Sight’s Lesbian Wedding is Just Loaded with Emotion

Married at First Sight: Australia offered viewers a peek at what’s to come, including a touching lesbian wedding loaded with emotion.

While the show’s premiere is still weeks away, Lifetime shared a first look at one of their starring couples- Tash and Amanda.

Let’s just say there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Read on for the full story, but be warned, spoilers lie ahead.

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Married at First Sight: Australia offered viewers a peek at what's to come, including a touching lesbian wedding. Check out the full story!
Image Credit: Screenshot from 9Now Coverage

Married At First Sight’s Lesbian Wedding is Just Loaded with Emotion

Married at First Sight is coming again, bringing up more emotion & intriguing scenarios.

The show’s entire concept revolves around a social experiment to discover if couples can survive an arranged marriage.

This season, we’ll see how Amanda and Tash, the starring lesbian couple, fare.

Lifetime offered E! News an exclusive first look into what’s going to happen in Married at First Sight Australia.

However, for those following the story through the Australian press, we already know what happens, starting with their very emotional and touching “I Do.”

Again, fair warning- spoilers lie ahead for those who prefer to wait until MAFS airs in May.

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Tash and Amanda Celebrate First Lesbian Wedding on MAFS: Australia

Tash and Amanda’s union was the first lesbian wedding on the show since Australia legalized same-sex marriage in 2017.

So, while Americans won’t get their first real glimpse into the story behind the couple until May 27th, Australians have followed the couple from sweet beginning.

You’ll have to watch the show to find out what happens after they tie the knot. We don’t want to spoil everything for you!

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What to Expect in This Season of Married at First Sight

In this season we get to see twelve new couples on the screens, and this includes our lesbian couple, Amanda and Tash.

They are coming all the way from the other side of the world, and we are going to look a little into their adventure.

Amanda considers herself to be an alpha-female, and she is in her journey of finding a soulmate.

Of course, her family is not exactly happy with her decision to follow her sexuality. That though, didn’t stop her, though.

Tash is a beautiful bartender and yoga teacher. She is looking for an affectionate partner she could share her deepest feelings with!

Their love managed to bring up the most beautiful emotions and left everyone in tears after their ceremony.

The Vows That Left Everyone In Tears

While the entire ceremony was stunning, these words in particular brought everyone to tears:

“I need you to know, hand on heart, that we will try our best to make this work and not give up that easily. I have a million emotions right now, yet only one hope, that despite what outcome happens before us, may we have the time of our lives and potentially continue a beautiful life together.”

Check out Married at First Sight: Australia starting May 27. The show will air every Wednesday and Thursday from 9PM.

The couples were formed by Dr. Trisha Stafford, Mel Schiling and John Aiken, and we will be able to see the couples through their weddings, honey moons and of course, regular lives.

We are looking forward to see which ones of our couples will make it, so we are going to stay tuned and keep you updated!

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