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The ambiance created by the lighting will set the mood of your wedding day. Magical lights for your perfect wedding are not just a luxury, they are a definite must-have for every bride and groom.

Among the available selection of wire wedding lighting systems include; bridal string lights, floral lights, vase lights, lit wedding arches, and many more. Wedding and bridal lights as well make the dull reception halls and chapels extremely elegant.

You should contact an event lighting firm well in advance and explain to them how you want your venue to be lighted that big day. Here are a few lighting themes that may help you have an idea of what to settle for.

#1. Reception tables laid with burning candles and frames with lights

#2. A reception hall with frames of hanging white lights on the roof

#3. A reception hall illuminated with purple light

#4. A reception hall laid with white seats and massive frames of hanging white lights

Credit: Esther Sun

#5. Reception tables laid with massive frames of hanging white lights

#6. A reception hall laid with white seats and grasses holding white lights on the floor

#7. A reception venue laid with massive frames of hanging white lights

#8. A reception venue laid with multiple white light bulbs hanging

#9. Guests at a reception venue lighting the stage while holding their sparklers.

#10. Sparklers against a dark background for romantic wedding photos

#11. Minimal illumination for a moonlight kiss

#12. Kissing out in the dark where light is falling like mist

#13. The bride and the groom standing in the dark where light is falling like mist

#14. Use burning candles to create a stunning focal point

#15.Play with illumination behind you for a photo that’s full of depth

Credit: Sorensen Foto

#16. Create a starlight-like setting while you steal a moment alone.

Credit: Matt Ramos Photography

#17. A massive light holder hanging on the roof of a wedding reception hall while decorated with bouquets of pink, white and green flowers

wedding DIY decoration with gorgeous lights and flowers
Credit: whitelilacinc via Instagram

#18. Many glasses carrying burning candles arranged on a wedding reception table together with tall glass jars holding bouquets of purple flowers.

house decoration with huge flowers and candles
Credit: Roy Llera photographers

#19. Many glasses carrying candles arranged in a wedding reception table together with tall glass stand holding other candles

wedding candles decoration
Credit: Brian Dorsey Studios

#20. Intensive white lighting is done on a massive tree beside a wedding reception arena laid with white wooden chairs where the newlyweds are kissing.

Credit: Shewanders

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#21. Intensive white lighting is done in a wedding reception hall where the newlyweds are kissing while standing

Credit: Still Frames photography

#22. Two lines of friends each holding sparkler with the newlyweds kissing while standing at the center

Credit: David Strauss photography

#23. Intensive white lighting is done inside a beautiful gazebo where the newlyweds are kissing at night

Credit: Captivating Weddings

#24. A gorgeous white glow in the woods where the newlyweds are kissing at night

Credit: Aspect photography

#25. Misty white lighting that mimics rain or snow

Credit: Mallory Renee photography

#26. An icy path lit with white street lighting

Credit: Hoffer photography

#27. The newlyweds gazing at white-lit lampions flying high together with guests at night

Credit: Beyond The Darkroom Photography
Credit: Beyond The Darkroom Photography

#28. Awesome lighting for a garden wedding

Credit: By Cherry Photography

#29. Amazing lighting creating a night sky impression. Well dressed and lighted tables.

Credit: John Labbe Preston Bailey

#30. Bride and groom with a lighted tree in the background

Credit: Matthew Evans Photography

#31. A well-lit tree gives light for the bride and groom to kiss in a garden wedding

Credit: Shewanders Photography

#32. Wow! Beautiful and breath-taking

Credit: Vesic Photography

#33. Lighting done behind a white curtain with a lovely couple holding close

Credit: M2 Photography

#34. Lighting hanging from the ceiling and others held by the bridal maids while the bride and groom kiss


#35. Excellent lighting creating a vintage feeling

Credit: Madi Noelle

#36. Magical wedding lighting in tubes

Credit: Colin Cowie Weddings

#37. Bride and groom under the lighting of reactively done outdoor lights

Credit: Pinterest

#38. A couple hold lights in their hand with some in the background


#39. A ‘wired tree’. Such a creative idea!

Credit: Emily Wren

#40. Stunning purple glow fills the room with candles lit on tables.

DIY decoration with gorgeous lights and flowers
Credit: mk photography

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#41. A beautiful chandelier creates a focal point when hung from a tree.

wedding tree decoration with a beautiful light
Credit: Vicki Grafton photography

#42.Or use many crystal chandeliers for an art-deco look

light decoration with great white lights
Credit: whitelilacinc via Instagram

#43. Simple yet elegant tea lights floating in water-filled vases with rose petals.

attractive decoration with beautiful glasses and candles
Credit: Aislinn Kate photography

#44. Different-sized pillar candles create an elegant rustic look.

light decoration with gorgeous candles
Credit: whitelilacinc via Instagram

#45. Large-bulb Christmas lights wrapped around a tree.

romantic tree decorated with lights
Credit: Nirav Patel

#46. More creative ways to use sparklers

beautiful light decoration
Credit: Brittani Jessica Pledger Photography

#47. Streaks of light create a fairy-tale scene.

gorgeous firework light decoration
Credit: Lamb & Lark

#48. Use natural lighting of a sunset for stunning photos.

brides having a romantic moment in a dim white light
Credit: Neringa Ridges

#49. Lighting from above spotlights the couple as bursts of starlight sprinkle around them.

beautiful blue light decoration for wedding
Credit: Tall and Small photography

#50. Creative use of backlighting to show off the couple

Brides posing for a photograph in front of a white light
Credit: Aislinn Kate Photography

#51 A cute and quirky way to use lighting from a lantern.

brides kissing each other under a wedding light
Credit: Jessica Ranae photography

#52. Release dozens of lit lanterns, then sneak a kiss for a perfect picture.

brides kissing each other in a lighted place
Credit: Mary Rosenbaum
wedding cake with bright lights beside it

What are your favorite wedding lights on the above list? Please share with us!

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