Love is Blind May Finally Feature Gay People in Season 2

Could it be that Love is Blind may finally feature a gay couple in Season 2?

The most-loved and quirky speed dating show on Netflix is all set to begin its next season and they’ve released applications to accept new participants to the show.

New application questions include one about sexual orientation, leading some to believe the next season will actually feature LGBTQ participants.  

Read on for the full story.

Same-sex couple May Appear Love is Bind season 2?

Last month, the news of second season of Love is Blind 2 made headlines.

The producers have started the casting process and shooting will start after things return back on track (production is currently shut down due to coronavirus).

There’s a questionnaire for the participants with questions related to their age, hobbies, occupation, ethnicity, traits they look in their partner, undesired traits, etc.

One question attracted everyone’s attention! It asks the sexual orientation of the applicant. Does that mean that the show would be open to those representing LGBTQ community. 

That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

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The Premise Behind Love is Blind on Netflix

The first season Love is Blind on Netflix was quite successful. Its huge success can be attributed to its crazy yet interesting concept.

The show had 30 men and women as participants; each who entered an island in their quest to find love.

The entire show was set in 10 days and filled with speed dating sessions with the ‘blind’ aspect.

Yes, couples could not see each other but could only hear their voices. Pods with thin walls through which couples could only talk.

And, after ten days, they’d have to make a decision whether they’d like to marry anyone or not.

Once a couple said ‘Yes’, they’d head back home and get ready for their “conjugal” rituals.

Love is Blind Season 1 Unintentionally Featured an LGBTQ Contestant

Technically, Love is Blind already featured an LGBTQ contestant, albeit entirely unintentionally.

The last batch of the contestants featured Carlton Morton. Morton dated men before entering the show, but he kept his interest hidden.

In the show, he found love in Diamond Black and the two got engaged.

However, the relationship ended when Black learned about Morton’s orientation during their couple’s trip.

This didn’t go well with the viewers. Both Morton and Black were badly trolled and they even received death threats.

People also shared memes on Twitter of Carlton Morton. Let’s look at a few.

A user Josh Tweeted: “Knew this guy was into men since the first episode #loveisblindnetflix

Another user Tweeted: Loooooooooooooool! OMFG I remember this!!! Carlton from love is blind is still a sassy queen #loveisblindnetflix I can’t believe he thinks he’s delivert now.

A tweet released by Ashley TV said: Carlton yelling at Diamond and showing his true colors when she was just trying to have a conversation about his truth bomb #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix

A potential dark side to the Love is Blind sexual orientation question

Don’t celebrate just yet, as there may be another reason why the Netflix show’s applicant questionnaire includes questions about sexual orientation.

Given the controversy surrounding Morton and Black’s situation, show producers may actually be trying to weed out LGBTQ participants.

As recently as last month, the show’s producers claimed that including LGBTQ participants was “logistically impossible.”

So, whether the question exists to include gay people (or perhaps do a separate Love is Blind for LGBTQ participants) or weed them out remains to be seen.

We’ll update you when the show’s producers confirm one way or another.

What do you think? Will Love is Blind finally feature gay people, or are they actively trying to weed them out? Share your thoughts below.

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