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Looking for some amazing lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gifts? We scoured the handmade marketplace and found 10 they'll adore!

Looking for some of the best lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gifts? We scoured the entire handmade marketplace to find some truly special ideas. From personalized gifts with meaning to unique ideas that will wow them, here are our top ten picks.

10 Best Lesbian and Gay Etsy Wedding Gifts

Etsy is a huge marketplace, and you can find pretty much everything you need there. Let’s take a look at the best lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gifts, so you make a choice knowing you’ve seen it all!

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1. Personalized Mug

Personalized Mug Best Lesbian and Gay Etsy Wedding Gifts

A set of personalized mugs is perfect as a wedding gift, and you can find these amazing ones on Etsy. They come with different capacities and can choose from over 40 personalization options to really make something unique for your favorite gay couple. 

You can also get the same design for a lesbian couple here.

Personalized Gay Couple Gift Mug-

You can personalize this mug by choosing the hairstyle and the skin tone from the given chart. You can customize the names and quotes.

2. Personalized Wooden Tray

Personalized Wooden Tray

This wooden tray will really come in handy for the couple when they start placing their everything, from keys to wallets and small objects they need all the time. It’s available on Etsy and you can have it personalized with their family name. 

Wooden Valet Tray 5 Sizes Walnut Wood Catchall Tray EDC | Etsy

We use only 100% solid hardwoods free of stain, paint, and other chemicals. If you're a fan of the natural wood finish or farmhouse or rustic style, you will love this custom valet tray or organizer.

3. Customized Wall Art

Customized Wall Art

On this Etsy sign, the couple can have written their names, along with the date they got married. It’s an incredible gift to place for display and have them showcase their love! This is one of the most unique gifts you can think of!

Personalized gay wedding gift, Couples Name Sign

Commemorate your special day with this airy modern poster. Perfect for a wedding gift or for an anniversary. Choose from our color palette or email me to have something custom created.

4. Personalized Couple’s Map

 Personalized Couple’s Map

This map is truly special, and comes with a ton of personalization option. For starters, it comes as a heart containing two hearts. You can choose to mark the place they got married, engaged, the place they met each other, or simply their hometowns if they carry a long-distance relationship.

Of course, you can find this on Etsy. It’s a digital-only gift, so you’ll need to print it out and frame it yourself.

Personalized Map Heart Art Printable Wall Art Engagement | Etsy


You will receive your product in 48 hour max. after payment.

Your order will include "HIGH-RESOLUTION 300 DPI JPEG" file.

5. Engraved Wood Plaque

Engraved Wood Plaque

You can find this engraved wood plaque on Etsy, and have it personalized with a photo of the couple, or even their names and wedding date. They can put it somewhere for display, or even use it as the coolest coaster there is!

Personalized Wood Photo Gift

Get your own customized photo engraved directly onto rustic basswood. This photo becomes part of the wood, ensuring that it stands the test of time. The natural wood shows through the photo for a beautiful, rustic, and "worn" look.

6. Pride Doormat

Pride Doormat

Yes, a doormat can make a great wedding present, especially when we’re talking about this one! It will simply let everyone know where the couple stands! Get it on Etsy.

Gay Pride Doormat/LGBT Gift/Rainbow Welcome Mat

All of our Gay Pride doormats are either 16 x 24 or 18 x 30; 24x36 inches and tan/natural brown in color. The natural coir fibers of the doormat are from the husk of the coconut which is mold and mildew resistant and have an extra-sturdy, thick vinyl backing to ensure they won’t slide around, no matter the surface. 

7. Personalized Sky Map

This is one of the most romantic wedding gifts there is. All you need to know is the date they got married, and get this map for the couple. It will show exactly how the sky looked like on that specific day, in the place they got married! Grab it here!

Personalized Night Sky Star Map

Our custom star maps are generated using an open source data set of the star locations, then we use this data together with time and date. This is use to calculate the position of the earth, because we know the position of the stars vs. the earth during the year.

8. Marriage Certificate Holder

The marriage certificate needs to be placed somewhere safe, and this is what this box is for. You can have it personalized with the couple’s names, and they’ll put it somewhere for display.

It’s both incredibly useful and beautiful! Find it on Etsy!

Personalised Wooden Wedding Certificate Holder Perfect | Etsy

This Wooden Wedding Certificate Holder is a lovely way to keep your precious certificate safe.

This holder can be personalised with up to 2 names, 12 characters per line.

9. Customized Wall Clock

The clocks represent eternity, and this gift will definitely help the couple realize how lucky they are at all times. It can be personalized with their names and wedding date, and it will always be there for them to see. Grab it here!

Personalised Wedding Anniversary Date Monogram Clock

A product completely designed and constructed by Maison Creations in our Cambridgeshire studio and workshop. Our items are Hand-finished & coated with a protective varnish to shield against stains.

10. Leather Photobook

If you have access to pictures of the couple, this beautiful leather photobook makes an extraordinary gift! It comes in 5 size options. Purchase the voucher on Etsy, then follow the directions to redeem it and create their special book.

Printerpix Personalized Leather Photobook Wedding Guest | Etsy

Create a personalized leather photobook for memories that matter - from everyday moments to special life events. Your book comes with 200 GSM photographic paper, with an option to upgrade to 190 GSM luster paper. 

Looking for some amazing lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gifts? We scoured the handmade marketplace and found 10 they'll adore!

Finding the best lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gift should now be pretty easy to find. From personalized gifts to the ones with an incredible meaning, you now have everything!

Which one of these best lesbian and gay Etsy wedding gifts is your favorite? Tell us below!

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