Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Seen For First Time Since Surrogate Miscarried

In LGBTQ news today, Lance Bass and Michael Turchin were seen for the first time since announcing their surrogate’s miscarriage.

The socially responsible gay couple donned protective masks, doing their part to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Seen For The First Time After Announcing Their Surrogate Miscarried

Bass and Turchin were spotted out and about- donning face masks– for the first time since announcing their sad news.

This happened a month after the couple revealed that their surrogate lost the eight-week pregnancy.

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For them, this was the 9th attempt of starting a family.

Equipped with black protective masks, they left the house for the first time since the pandemic and announcement.

Fortunately, they are still hopeful and will try again, for the 10th time before adopting.

A month ago, the couple gave an interview for, where Bass said.

We, unfortunately, lost him after eight weeks, which happens to pretty much everyone when you’re going through IVF. I didn’t even know that as we were going through this, but we’ve met so many great couples who have the same story. So, you do feel a lot of support knowing other people have gone through it.

According to the publication, Bass saw himself as a parent from a very young age.

And although he feared that his sexuality may get in the way, he gained a new hope after marrying Michael Turchin in 2014.

Now, they are trying to start a family together and will go through whatever is necessary in order to do so.

Getting over that has been hard. It’s like all these hopes and dreams I had won’t be happening this time. But everything happens for a reason and when it needs to happen, it’ll have to happen.

Bass & Turchin Stay Positive As They Try for the 10th Time

It’s very nice to see that they are staying positive, despite all that’s happened, and they are ready to try IVF for the 10th time, as they just found a new egg donor.

I’m trying not to worry about it. Of course, in a perfect world I would love to have my own kids. But if it’s not meant in the cards, then it’s not meant in the cards and there are plenty of kids who need adopting. So, I’m not opposed to going right ahead and adopting if this fails next time.

The couple is planning to adopt if number 10 fails.

In the meantime, they are keeping busy, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lance Bass is continuing his podcast, The Daily Popcast With Lance Bass, where he and his NSYNC bandmates will be celebrating their 20th smash 2000 record, ‘No Strings Attached‘ anniversary.

JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake will be there for the occasion!

All of us guys talk almost daily through text, so it was a simple text like, ‘Hey, guys, let’s do something fun for No Strings Attached’s anniversary. I’ll interview you and talk about the album.’ Immediately, everyone was like, ‘I’m in.’ They’re very supportive. And, I know they wanted to give fans something special because it’s been a while since we’ve done anything and the fans have been so great to us throughout our careers.

So far, we are happy they are positive and ready to move on to the next try.

Hopefully, they will get a baby for themselves, and, if everything fails, it’s good to know they are ready to adopt!

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