Killing Eve Kicks Off With the Lesbian Wedding of the Century

Killing Eve kicked off their brand-new season with an epic lesbian wedding.

We dare say it’s the fictional LGBTQ wedding of the century!

Read on for the full story behind the award-winning show’s hot new season.

Killing Eve Made A Comeback With an Epic Lesbian Wedding

SPOILER ALERT- If you’re not all caught up on Killing Eve, you may want to hold off reading this.

On April 12, the third season of Killing Eve came out.

Although the second left everyone wondering, now, six months after Eve was shot in Rome by Villanelle, things are about to happen.

The season opens with Villanelle’s wedding, after a quick 1974 Moscow flashback. It seems that our star found herself a new woman.

At the wedding, Villanelle held a toast honoring her new marriage.

When I first met Maria, I thought: great shoes. But then I learned there’s so much more to her than that. She also has a great house with a pool and a tailor, hairdresser… really is the all-round excellent package.

Of course, at some point everything turns to awkwardness and silence, after Villanelle continues.

When I think about my ex today. I realise, I’m so much happier now she’s dead.

It’s not a surprise that this wedding was not supposed to go as planned.

During their first dance, a very mysterious woman is spotted in the room. We’re talking about the Russian woman, from the flashback.

She turns out to be Dasha, Villanelle’s mentor. In no time, the two ladies leave the wedding together, as Maria bursts into tears.

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As Expected, Eve Is Alive & Kicking

As the story proceeds, we find out that Eve was, in fact, alive and well, regardless of what Villanelle was thinking.

Although she left the MI6, she is moving on with her life.

She’s now working for a restaurant, and she lives with Niko.

They both stay in a facility, while Niko is recovering from his breakdown.

What was once a cat and mouse game, where the two ladies took turns in the game, is now a game where Eve is the mouse, and constantly fearing that she’s going to be caught.

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The critics from give us a lot of information about the new season.

According to them, the show is taking a turn, and the whole image they tried to put together starting in the first season is going to change completely.

We are going to see much more spontaneous murders, using the objects on hand, instead of carefully orchestrated scenarios.

The fact that Killing Eve has pulled that lever so quickly and bluntly (and, spoiler, not for the last time), is a sign of how far the show has moved from the elegant sneakiness it achieved in season one.

An unexpected ending for such an interesting episode, when Kenny, Carolyn’s son, dies.

No one knows exactly if he jumped or if he was pushed off the roof.

And this is something new for Killing Eve. Killing an important character from the start keeps us wondering what else we should expect.

So far, the chances of Eve and Villanelle getting back together seem very slim, but, as we said, anything can happen at any moment! This new season is here to surprise.

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