Hungary Transgender Couple Finally Married Despite Raging Homophobia in Their Nation

Tamara Csillag and Elvira Angyal, Hungary's lesbian transgender couple
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Back in June we shared the story of Tamara Csillag and Elvira Angyal, Hungary’s lesbian transgender couple that fought the system for a long time. After false starts and delays, the lesbian couple finally married, despite the nation’s raging homophobia. Read on for the full story.

Hungary Transgender Couple Gets Married Despite The Raging Homophobia

After the Prime Minister Viktor Orban completely outlawed the the legal recognition of transgender couples, Tamara Csillag and Elvira Angyal dream of getting married devolved into a nightmare of red-tape and paperwork.

Now, after months of waiting, the couple found a loophole that made their union possible.

See, Tamara Csillag still had “male” a her gender on documents, as it was impossible for her to undergo the gender reassignment surgery. Elvira Angyal on the other hand, was able to get the paperwork before the law changed.

Since Hungary only allows marriages between males and females, they were able to legally get married!

Tennessee Marriage Bill
Tennessee Marriage Bill

Their Dream Has Come True

And this is something they stated out loud. After the ceremony, Angyal said:

Our dream has come true. We are so happy to have received an official seal on our relationship.

And then she kissed her wife, and said “I love you!”

Tamara and Elvira have seven kids from their previous marriages. Before coming out as women, they both had families, as well as children.

Even though their joined family is quite big now, only Patrick, Elvira’s son was present. He said:

One of the biggest joys in life is to see your parents happy.

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Where is Hungary’s Hostility Coming From?

Orban and his biggest ally, the Christian Democratic party KDNP have been discriminating against the LGBT community since the beginning of his third mandate back in 2018.

Luca Dudits of the Hatter rights group said:

For a decade the government has waged a systematic campaign against LMBTQ people. This contradicts European norms and general human rights.

But wait, there’s more!

Just one day before the wedding, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen started a new proposal, trying to add a ban on “gender propaganda” in the country’s constitution. He said:

They should not be called family, because that is a sacred notion. They should not adopt children, because children’s right to healthy development is stronger than homosexual couples’ need for a child.

It’s safe to say that this proposal is a massively huge step backwards. Csillag said:

What harms children is what the government does. The next generation might indeed grow up haters. They will hate us even as they won’t know why.

And she is right. Not allowing the people to understand them will only result in unjustified hate. People tend to be scared of the things they don’t understand, and right now, this is imminent.

It seems a little unrealistic, as instead of keeping the people united, the Hungary’s government is doing everything it can to divide them. Back in October, they even tried to ban a children’s book for promoting inclusive ideas.

According to, shortly after Dorottya Redai and Boldizsar Nagy released their new children’s book called “Meseorszag mindenkie” or “A Fairy Tale for Everyone,” Orban stated on a national radio channel that:

Hungary is a patient, tolerant country as regards [to] homosexuality. But there is a red line that cannot be crossed, and this is how I would sum up my opinion: Leave our children alone.

Even worse, over 80,000 people actually signed the petition to have it removed from the stores.

I like to believe that there’s still hope. We’re incredibly happy for Tamara and Elvira, and we definitely hope to see Hungary back on the inclusion train!

What do you think of Hungary’s transgender laws and the fact that this couple had to find a loophole just to get married? Share below.

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