How to Plan an Epic Wedding During Lockdown

With COVID-19 throwing a major glitch in prepping for your big day, you’re likely wondering how to plan a wedding during lockdown.

Sure, you could elope at home or throw a micro-wedding, but what if you don’t want to give up your dream day?

Rather than canceling it entirely, use this time to get ahead on your planning so you’re ready to take that stroll down the aisle when things ease up.

Read on for some things you can do now to start planning your post-lockdown wedding.

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With COVID-19 throwing a major glitch in prepping for your big day, you're likely wondering how to plan a wedding during lockdown.

How to Plan a Wedding During Lockdown

Something we keep getting reminded about is just how “unprecedented” this global pandemic was.

Now, I know that robotic soundbites from our leaders don’t really make the whole situation any better, ever.

However, this whole situation was, to be fair, unprecedented. The world doesn’t really know what to do right now.

Everything is very strange, and planet earth seems to have come to a grinding halt. That doesn’t mean your everyday lives have to, though.

If you’re still going ahead with your wedding, here’s how you should be using the lockdown to your advantage.

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The first dance

Assuming you’re living with your to-be partner, now. You can spend the time in lockdown to practice your special first dance.

Sometimes, couples seek out professional help for this first dance.

They’ll treat themselves to a little dance class so that they don’t go head over heels in front of all their guests.

Unfortunately, dance classes aren’t available during a lockdown.

What is available, on the other hand, is YouTube. Yes, you can learn some simple dance steps from some useful videos online.

If you’re not spending lockdown with your partner, for whatever reason, you’ll have to compromise by watching the same video – and assigning a role.

You can’t both be the dancer on the left, remember.

Go DIY crazy

ribbons and confetti on floor

Now is the perfect time to get a little crafty.

Even if some of the things you make end up being completely redundant. It’s fun. It kills some time. And it’ll get you excited for your big day.

Make some confetti (super easy and hard to mess up), signs, bouquets and anything else you can think of.

I also love the idea of learning how to do fancy calligraphy. This really is a skill, but one that you can master.

Imagine making your own invitations or thank you notes?

Video chats

Possibly the hardest part about lockdown is not being able to socialize with our friends and family.

Make sure you’re keeping them up to date with wedding plans with regular video calls.

Also, use video calling technology to plan out various aspects of your wedding.

Yes, you can use Zoom or Skype as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

macbook pro displaying group of people

P.S If you can’t have your pre-wedding parties IRL, you should totally consider having them over a Zoom call with a lot of champagne.

Check out your budget

This is very subjective to your current circumstances. So, in this instance, you can do one of three things.

Check your budget and notice that nothing has really changed. Your wedding plans stay the same, and everything is fine and dandy.

  1. Check your budget and notice that with postponing and not spending as much at restaurants or on nights out, you actually have a little more money to spend. What can this extra bit of dollar be spent on?
  2. You check your budget and notice that you don’t have as much money as you hoped for. Perhaps your job security is threatened, or you haven’t been receiving the same income as before. It’s totally understandable. In this instance, consider what you can cut to take some of the pressure of you.

Make appointments

Yes, start completing those pesky admin tasks that you have been avoiding for a while. Now’s a better time than any.

To begin, you can contact hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians, makeup artists – you name it.

Ask if they’re planning on opening up anytime soon, and try to secure an appointment.

After lockdown, these places will be fully booked everywhere you turn.

Order anything else. Or even just add things to a wishlist to come back to at a later date.

Book your honeymoon (if you dare)

Take advantage of all the groovy offers and discounts that may be available.

Your honeymoon still needs to be booked, even if it’s a little later than anticipated.

If you’re planning on catching an international flight somewhere; remember to follow advice on when it will be certain that you can fly there.

Always get insurance and cover your back, just in case.

Alternatively, you can have a honeymoon that doesn’t require a flight.

Focus on your mental health

Planning a wedding is stressful. Do you know what else is stressful? A global pandemic sweeping the earth.

Always put your mental health first.

Take the time to create a wellness routine, regroup, and refocus on what’s important.

Remember how much joy will come from this.

Remember that this situation isn’t permanent. Remember, you are not alone, even during social distancing.

Just because things aren’t entirely certain right now, doesn’t mean you should give up hope.

Lockdown on that date – that’s the only lockdown you should be settling on right now.

It’s all going to be okay. Your wedding will be amazing. The world will go back to normal.

Now, start practicing your first dance.

Do you have any other tips for planning a wedding during lockdown? Share below.

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