How Do You Pick Wedding Songs? (4-Step Ultimate Guide)

Weddings take a lot of planning, and part of this planning involves the question “how do you pick wedding songs?”.

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The choice of wedding songs cannot simply be taken for granted.

From the prelude to the reception, the wedding playlist sets the mood for the entire celebration. With so many good song choices these days, what do you have to keep in mind when choosing wedding songs?

How Do You Pick Wedding Songs – Top Tips

The right music can help set a tone, stir up emotions [1] and share your message with guests. We have some tips on choosing the perfect songs for your ceremony!

1. The Songs Have to Match the Theme

Every wedding is set to have a particular theme. While most couples go for the more traditional and classic type of wedding, many couples are opting to go for modern and non-traditional themes.

Here are some common wedding themes.

Some couples tend to mix and match their song choices. There will be those who choose to have traditional wedding songs for the professionals while choosing more modern songs during the reception.

Some will go for country music to match a country-style wedding. So it probably is best to start choosing wedding songs only after deciding on a theme.

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2. Think About the Mood You Want to Create

Music always has an impact on people’s emotions. Knowing this, you would want to choose wedding songs that will influence people’s emotions and tug on their heartstrings during your special day.

It’s no wonder that many people will choose love songs so people will easily relate to that feeling of romance on that particular day. Some will even want to add some touch of sentimentality that will quickly remind couples of how they first fell in love with each other.

You might also want your wedding to be more fun, light, and upbeat. Here is a cool video on how to choose wedding music.

3. Consider Your Venue

Many couples may overlook this aspect, but you may also want to ask your venue if there are limits to what songs you can play, especially during the wedding ceremony proper.

Some venues tend to be more traditional than others, limiting your choice of songs, especially during the processional and recessional.

You may also want to consider the size of the venue and the aisle when you are deciding on songs for the processional since these may also affect your song choices.

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There may be a time limit as to the length of songs you may use for your processional music. You may want to check this article “How Long Should a Processional Song Be?” to know more about choosing songs for your processional.

4. Lyrics Count

Weddings are celebrations that are meant to stir emotions and sentimental sense. Much of these are also triggered by song lyrics. Choose songs that carry meaning through the words that they convey.

These songs may also convey messages you may have to each other that you would like to share with your guests.

I love this video of 2022 wedding songs. [2]


PSA WEDDING TIKTOK!!! @Ed Sheeran back at it again 😭 #weddingsong #firstdancesong #weddingmusic

♬ Shivers – Ed Sheeran

Such messages may not be fully expressed during the ceremony and may be better said through song lyrics.

The song “All of Me” by John Legend [3] seems to say just about everything that couples want to say to each other, making it a popular choice in recent years.

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Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in any couple’s life. At this moment, couples show the world what they mean to each other and how much they plan to devote their whole life to one another.

It is because of this why how you pick wedding songs should matter. This is because wedding songs will help create THAT moment – a moment that is supposed to last forever in everyone’s memory.

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