How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

Don’t let bored kids wreak havoc on your special day! Check out our tips for how to entertain kids at your wedding!

Your wedding reception is a huge part of your wedding day! Your new spouse out on the dance floor, your mom in her beautiful dress and 15 kids throwing cake at each other. Well, maybe that is not how you envisioned it exactly. If you are having kids at your wedding, you want to be sure that you have some kid-friendly fun for the kids to enjoy. Check out our tips for how to entertain kids at your wedding!

How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

Hire a professional

Nothing entertains kids more than a professional performer. You may want to think about hiring a face painter, clown, fortune teller, comedian, magician, story teller or ventriloquist. It is one of the easiest ways to keep the kids happy during the wedding. You can look online for entertainment vendors and party planning companies to find the performer or entertainer that is right for your young wedding guests.

Have kid’s gift bags on the tables

At each child’s place setting at the table, place some kid’s gift bags. These goodie bags can contain things like bubbles, snacks, glow sticks, mini puzzles, finger puppets and retro toys. You can also have some individually wrapped activities and games placed in a small box as well as each place setting.

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Set up an activity center

Another idea for entertaining kids at your wedding is to set up an activity center. Set up a separate table just for the kids, maybe in a corner or side of the reception hall. On the table, you can place coloring books, a bunch of crayons and craft supplies like foam stickers and pipe cleaners. Another idea is to have tulle veil headbands and plastic top hats on the table for the kids to decorate.

Movie and book area

What better way to keep the kids quiet and entertained for the night then to have an area with books and movies. You can place some beanbag chairs and large pillows in an area of the reception area. For more fun, add a popcorn machine and a basket filled with movie candy.

Use a babysitter

Even if you do everything above, you still might end up with bored kids. Children are fickle! Rather than spend the whole night stressing over whether the kids are happy and entertained, hire someone else to worry! You could go with a professional babysitting service or just hire the teenage child of a family friend.

These are just a few easy ideas for how to entertain kids at your wedding. Remember, happy kids mean happy guests all around! Of course, you could go the “no kid” route, but if you have guests that are traveling from far away, they may not want to leave their kids behind.

Do you have any other ideas for how to entertain kids at your wedding? Share below!

9 thoughts on “How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding”

  1. Now this is great! I have not attended a wedding where the children were considered. If anything, requests were made to not bring them. 🙂 I love all the suggestions and I have to pin this.

  2. We had a babysitter at our wedding. The parents were mostly appreciative (except for one!) and I liked that we were able to have our ceremony without any kids screaming or making noise in the background. I’m a mom now and don’t bring my son to a wedding unless he is specifically invited, and then I sit in the back in case we need to make a quick exit!

  3. There are great! I would have never thought to hire a professional, such a great idea. I know, as you mentioned, many people opt to go the ‘no kid’ route.

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