10 Amazing His and His Bracelets That Are Just Perfect for Two Grooms

These his and his bracelets make beautiful engagement ring alternatives to give each other or gifts to give two grooms. Take a look!

If you’re looking for a stylish and fun alternative to a traditional engagement ring, consider going with his and his bracelets! Of course, they’re not just ring alternatives. They also make wonderful gifts to give two grooms. Take a look at some of my favorites!

10 Amazing His and His Bracelets That Are Just Perfect for Two Grooms

Finding bracelets designed and marketed specifically as “his and his” isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost as challenging as finding hers and hers engagement rings. Part of that has to do with how jewelry stores still market mostly towards women (or to those buying for women in their lives). Outdated? Absolutely! But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of great options for men. You just have to think outside the proverbial box a bit.

Below are some of my favorite ideas for his and his bracelets. Choose two of the same for a matching set or mix things up and grab a different one for each of you. I’ve included ideas that make perfect ring alternatives that you can give each other as well as some ideas that make wonderful gifts to give two special grooms in your life.

1. Stainless steel bracelet for men

 Stainless steel his and his bracelet for men
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I really love the style of this one. The blue and dark stainless silver look so sleek together, don’t you think? Plus, it’s super affordable at under $150. So, it can work both as a gift for two grooms to give each other, or as a wedding gift from guests.

2. Howlite Bolo Bracelets

Howlite Bolo Bracelets
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I chose this one not just because it’s unique and affordable, but because of the meaning behind howlite. Howlite represents “the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness,” according to crystal experts. I just think that’s such a beautiful meaning, and definitely qualities that make for a good marriage.

3. Yellow Gold Diamond Link Bracelet

This Yellow Gold Diamond Link bracelet makes perfect his and his bracelets to give as a ring alternative
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I’ll be honest, this one is super pricey, especially compared to others on this list. So, it’s definitely more of an “engagement ring alternatives for men” versus a “gift to give two grooms” type of deal. Its made from real yellow gold and features diamond embellishments on the longer links throughout.

4. Men’s David Yurman Streamline Collection® Heirloom Link Bracelet

Men's David Yurman Streamline Collection® Heirloom Link Bracelet
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If your tastes run more towards simpler designs, this one is elegant without being super flashy. It’s still in the “buy for each other” price range, but far more affordable than the gold one above. It’s definitely something you can wear every day, versus just on special occasions. I

5. Men’s John Hardy Classic Chain Banded Agate Bead Bracelet

Men's John Hardy Classic Chain Banded Agate Bead Bracelet
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Just like with the Howlite, I chose this one not only because I like the style, but also because of the meaning behind the stone. According to Energy Muse, agate is known as “the stabilizer,” because it’s the “stone to call on for support when you need stability and grounding in your life.” Of course, if you don’t believe that stones have meanings, it’s still a very handsome bracelet.

6.18k Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver Antique Link Bracelet

Along with the overall vintage feel of this one, I really like the knots between each link. It lends meaning to the phrase “tying the knot,” don’t you think? It comes from the Phillip Gavriel Collection. For those of you who, like me, aren’t really up on jewelry designers, he creates gorgeous fine Italian pieces.

7. Certified Navajo Native Natural Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Certified Navajo Native Natural Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

I’m very cautious about excluding exploitative jewelry, be it unethically obtained diamonds, ivory torn from poached elephants or, in this case, Native American designs. I like this one because it’s certified AND actually made by Native American artists. So, it’s as ethical as it is beautiful.

$500Tag Starling Silver Certified Navajo Native Natural Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 12715 Made by Loma Siiva
  • Metal: Silver Alloy Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Stone(s) Used: Natural Turquoise Maximum Width: 1/2 inch Adjustable: No Inside Circumference: 5 3/4 inch Opening: 1 1/2 inch Category: Bracelets Category: Cuff Bracelets Signed?: Yes Actual Item in Photo?: No, Stock photo. Artist will make the item as close as possible Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Handmade?: Yes Authenticity: Verified Authentic Wrist Size: 6 3/4 Bracelets Resizing Fee: Can be Resized for an additio
  • Please refer to the description for more information including sizes, artists name and stone information. THANK YOU for helping us Support our local Native American artists.
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  • All items come with Original Certificate of Authenticity. Do not forget to register your product for Limited Lifetime Warranty. All stones used are Natural and hand-picked by the Native American artist. NEW condition with retail tag still attached.
  • If the item is a pendant and it is photographed with a chain attached, you will receive the chain as well. Rings can be resized to any desired size for an additional $27. Please contact us for resizing.

8. His and His Bracelets with Personalized Engraving

His and His Bracelets Personalized Bracelets
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Leave it to Etsy to actually deliver on what you’re looking for. These truly are his and his bracelets, and each one is stamped with your choice of text in a crazy number of possible fonts and symbol combinations. Plus, choose from a slew of colors and styles. Oh, and they’re totally affordable to boot! What more could you want?

9. Engraved Silver Cuff Men’s Bracelet

Engraved Silver Cuff Men's Bracelet
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Simple yet elegant, this cuff-style bracelet can be engraved with any message up to 15 characters. While it’s a bit pricier than our last Etsy pick, it’s still very affordable, especially as an alternative to rings. It’s entirely handmade and has a super minimalist vibe to it.

10. MEZMIC Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Twisted Cable Cuff Bracelet for Men

18k Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver Antique Link Bracelet

This last one from Amazon is a classic Art Nouveau style. I love it because it’s understated without being too plain. Plus, MEZMIC is committed to creating ethical and eco-friendly jewelry, which makes this piece a win-win.

Final Recommendation

These his and his bracelets make beautiful engagement ring alternatives to give each other or gifts to give two grooms. Take a look!

Some are definitely more appropriate to give each other as engagement ring alternatives, while others make amazing gift ideas for two grooms, of course, so the best one really depends on so many factors.

I tried to pick a wide variety of options, so this isn’t really a “bottom-line it and just recommend one” type of guide. That said, I really love the beaded options, like the Howlite one.

I also love anything silver! The gold ones…well, I added those because I know a lot of people adore gold. It’s not my thing (I am wicked pale and it just looks weird on me), but I do think the ones I picked are nice!

Your turn! Tell me below which of these his and his bracelets you’d recommend or buy for yourself!

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