A Groom-to-Be Uninvites His Brother To His Wedding After Brother Says “Being Gay Is Wrong” & Reddit Takes His Side

Gay couple on their wedding day

If you ever wondered whether or not you’re obligated to invite your homophobic or unsupportive relatives to your gay wedding, then here is your answer. A groom-to-be asked fellow Reddit users if he’s in the wrong for uninviting his homophobic brother to his wedding, and Redditors respond with a resounding “no.” Read on for the full story.

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Groom-to-Be Uninvites His Brother To His Wedding After Brother Says “Being Gay Is Wrong & Reddit Takes His Side

When Reddit user CraigeryCraigery (let’s just call him Craigery) asked fellow members of the subreddit “AmITheA**hole” if he disinviting his homophobic brother to his wedding is wrong, he probably wasn’t expecting over 1,400 replies, most coming down strongly on his side.

Being born in a Baptist family in Florida, Craigery didn’t get a lot of support from his parents when he came out, back in 2007. Even though he was kind of expecting it, the situation was a little hurtful. The only person who took his side at the time, was his brother, telling him that he could always talk to him if his parents were giving him a hard time.

Now, 13 years later, Craigery is all grown up and ready to tie the knot with his fiance Scott in April, 2021. Craigery planned to ask his brother to be the best man. Unfortunately, the story takes a sad turn when his brother says that he’s wanted to talk to him about his situation “for a long time.”

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Although they used to hang out together and Craigery even spent the night at his brother’s house with Scott, his brother said that a gay wedding is really not “what God wants,” and even though Scott seems to love him a lot, he shouldn’t move on with it.

On top of everything, he was informed that his niece won’t be coming to the wedding, because his brother doesn’t want to “explain to her what was going on here.”

Needless to say, he ended up telling them that if they can’t be supportive, they should stay home, as it’s his special day and he doesn’t want anyone sitting in the audience thinking that what he’s doing is wrong.

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Reddit responds to Craigery’s situation with a resounding “NTA”

Over 1,4000 people responded to Craiger’s “Am I the A**hole?” question. The most popular response stated.

One of my three sons is gay. I have seen how badly some of his boyfriends have been treated by their families. So many have said “I wish my father was like you”. Not because I’m a special father but simply because I accept my son’s sexuality and treat him exactly as I do the other two. They all get the same amount of bullsh*t, insults, teasing and sarcasm.

And someone else added.

Anyone who can’t whole heartedly celebrate your union has no reason to be there.

And one user spoke from his personal experience saying.

I wish I had been strong enough to do this. When I (28m) got married to my husband (26m) I barely had anyone at my wedding, it was sad, but even then at least 1/3rd of them didn’t really want to be there, including my mom… Good times…

And even Christians came to say a few words.

As a Christian, I think I know what’s going on here. Many Christians (I would like to emphasize: NOT ME) believe that marriage and sex should only be M/F. Most are open to gay relationships, but not marriage. This may be where the brother is coming from.

Without a doubt, he was perfectly in the right to uninvite his brother to the wedding, and it’s for the best! Each wedding day is special for the grooms and brides, so they should be surrounded with people who really love and support them!

What do you think? Are you obligated to invite unsupportive or homophobic relatives to your gay wedding? Share below.

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