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Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Where the GOP censured Riggleman for officiating over a same-sex wedding

Denver Riggleman, a Virginia Republican congressman was censured this weekend by a GOP committee for “betraying” his party by officiating a same-sex wedding. The committee also chastised him for making critical comments about Donald Trump. Read on for the full story.

VA Republican Congressman Censured for Officiating Over Same-Sex Wedding & “Betraying” His Party

During a weekend that say the COVID-19 death toll pass a grim milestone of 300,000 deaths, the Republican party in Virginia chose to focus not on keeping their citizens safe, but rather on censuring a fellow party member. His crime? Officiating over a same-sex wedding and not falling in line with the party’s increasingly disturbing obsession with appeasing Donald Trump.

In a Facebook statement issued by the Appomattox County Republican Committee, the GOP claimed that Rigglememan betrayed his voters and the GOP. They wrote,

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Whereas, in July 2019, Denver Riggleman officiated a same sex wedding which in turn goes against the values and principles of the Republican Party betraying and disregarding the concerns for the many Conservative and Christian voters in the 5th district who elected Denver Riggleman to the United States House of Representatives…

According to Newsweek, Riggleman officiated over his friends’ same-sex wedding back in 2019. The GOP committee claims that was an act of betrayal against Riggleman’s conservative voters. However, as 70% of Americans support same-sex marriage- including many from Christian religions-one could argue that Riggleman was honoring the majority of his voters and not kowtowing to a handful of aberrant Christians.

The GOP also took offense over Riggleman criticizing Trumps refusal to denounce the QAnon conspiracy group.

Whereas, on October 19th, 2020, during his appearance with Cable News Network (CNN), Denver Riggleman made claims that he would consider voting for former Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States stating in that very interview that the actions of President Donald J. Trump as irresponsible and dangerous as well as for refusal to denounce QAnon…

Riggleman speaks out about censure on Twitter

Riggleman took to Twitter to speak out against his own party as well as the censuring, saying,

I believe in marriage equality and I despise conspiracy theories.


As of this morning, his post has just over 1.8K likes and 79 replies. One Twitter user said,

“Anyone who ever fell for the absurd Trump fantasy that 21st-century Republicans support gay rights, LGBTQ rights, or human rights, please bookmark this disgraceful document. Thank you.”


Another added,

The part about him being in the wrong for claiming a fraudulent election is just too good. The VA GOP is fully entrenched in the “steal the vote” nonsense.

This reply, however, perhaps sums it up best:


In a follow-up statement to the press, the Appomattox County Republican Committee added,

This Resolution was unanimously passed by the Appomattox County Republican Committee who are passionate about supporting our President Donald J. Trump. We will hold accountable all Republican elected officials to stand by the Virginia Republican Creed and National Republican Platform, and to support all our Republican nominees.

What are your thoughts on the Virginia GOP censuring Riggleman for officiating over a same-sex wedding? Share below.


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