How to Find the Best Gay Wedding Videographer for Your Big Day

Thinking about hiring a photographer that specializes in gay wedding videography to capture the biggest day of your life? Check out our guide below first.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about finding and choosing the perfect one to cover your special day.

Where to Find the Best Gay Wedding Videography

Newly wed day couple surrounded by pink and white rose petal confetti. A perfect shot for a gay wedding videography.

If you live in a fairly large city with a robust LGBTQ community, finding gay wedding videographers isn’t terribly challenging. However, for those in smaller towns, you may have to get a bit more creative. Let’s look at some of your best options.

1. Same-Sex Facebook Communities

Technology has made it easier for us to connect with like-minded people. They’re multiple gay couples FB groups, and you can even usually find one made up of people just in your general area.

Couples are always sharing their love stories, gay wedding photos, and honeymoon destinations in these groups. So, not only can you get several great gay wedding videographer referrals from these groups, but you can also get cool ideas.

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2. Google, “Gay wedding videographer near me.”

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I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but you have no idea how many people won’t think of it. Just make sure you search “gay wedding videographer near me.” The “near me” triggers Google’s local search algorithm and actually helps you get a videographer who is based in your area.

That said, if you have a massive wedding budget and you don’t really care if they live near you (meaning, you can afford to fly them to your wedding venue), then you can leave off the “near me.” Most couples don’t really have a bottomless budget, though, so searching locally is typically the best option.

3. Word of Mouth

This is another easy way to get a recommendation for a good gay wedding videographer. If you have LGBTQ friends who recently tied the knot, just ask them who they used.

Ask if you can take a peek at their wedding videos, while you’re at it. It’ll give you a better idea of the videographer’s style beyond what they choose to showcase in their sample gallery.

4. Go with a Gay Wedding Planner

I think going for a gay wedding planner or a planner who at least has few same-sex weddings on their portfolio will save you a lot of trouble.

Most of them will have contacts of good LGBTQ wedding videographers and will better understand what you’re looking for in one.

If you don’t have the budget for a wedding planner, though, you can still check out a few in your area and see who they work with. You’ll usually find that info on their website under “our partners” or “vendors we use.”

Should You Opt for an Actual Gay Videographer?

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Niching down to an actual gay videographer may really limit your options; however, if you feel like you have better chemistry and connection with an actual gay videographer – don’t let anyone stop you.

Remember, regardless of how great a videographer is, if they don’t make you feel comfortable, your wedding film won’t reflect their best work.

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What is the Cost of Gay Wedding Videography?

A gay man putting a ring on his partner in a wedding ceremony.

According to wedding wire, the average cost of wedding videography is $1799, while others spend up to $3900.

Of course, the cost may vary based on what you want your package to include, and the total time you’ll need the videographer on your wedding day.

But before you settle for one gay wedding videographer, shop around and get a few quotes and compare.

And don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. It doesn’t hurt.

Gay Wedding Videography (Conclusion)

Planning a gay wedding is both a special and emotional moment. After the challenges that you’ve faced, you can’t afford to compromise.

So, if this means getting a gay wedding videographer, by all means, go for it.

You need to have a videographer you can connect with; otherwise, you won’t enjoy watching your wedding film.

a photographer that specializes in gay wedding videography filming

What do you think of gay wedding videography? Share your thoughts below!

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