20 Best Florida Georgia Line Wedding Songs For Your Big Day

Good music can make a great impact on any joyful event. Allow Florida Georgia Line wedding songs to create a romantic and delightful atmosphere for you and your guests. 

When choosing wedding music, look for songs that can add a touch of love, joy, and celebration to your big day. We’ve curated a list of 20 Florida Georgia Line songs that will make your ceremony unique and memorable. 

This iconic band’s deep melodies will fill your heart with excitement, whether for the pre-ceremony background music or the reception song.

Let’s check out these wonderful tracks one after the other!

20 Best Florida Georgia Line Wedding Songs

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1. “Sittin’ Pretty”

Best Lyrics: Short shorts restin’ just right on your hips/Kiss chillin’ on your lips,/I’m for sure gonna get it in a minute

With “Sittin’ Pretty” playing in the background, don’t be surprised if your guests begin to tap their feet and nod their heads. It’s feel-good music that speaks of showing gratitude for the simple things that life offers. 

2. “Heatwave”

Best Lyrics: Baby girl I’m caught up in your heatwave/Your hot like the end of June

There’s no way you wouldn’t just want to dance to this upbeat track. Lyrically, it describes a deep, passionate relationship, and musically, it features catchy instrumentals. Believe it or not, this amazing band did a great job on this song, as always. 

3. “Anything Goes”

Best Lyrics: Phone blowing up where you is/Baby sayin’ baby, let’s do this/Rocket in a bottle with a fuse lit

For a big day like your wedding day, get ready to have lots of fun with your partner as you enjoy this song. Of course, your guests can get up and dance to it too, because “Anything Goes”. 

4. “Told You”

Best Lyrics: Girl I told you/That I’d love you forever/And I’ll hold you/In my arms, and I’ll never let go

This song will be perfect for the first dance, not only because of its melody but also because of its lyrics. As the bride and groom cling to each other, they’ll be able to relate to the song’s message. 

5. “H.O.L.Y.”

Best Lyrics: I never meant to cry, started losing hope/But somehow baby, you broke through and saved me

H.O.L.Y. stands for “High On Loving You,” and it makes so much sense considering its romantic lyrics. It speaks of how the power of love can brighten dark days and even compares a partner to an angel. 

6. “Grow Old”

Best Lyrics: Tell me that you love me/Say “We’ll always work it out”

When looking for a song that can express the emotions you feel for your partner, pick “Grow Old”. The song speaks directly to couples who desire to spend the rest of their lives together, making it a perfect pick. 

7. “Summerland”

Best Lyrics: Don’t you worry ’bout the sand/In no time, baby, we’ll be slippin’ off to Summerland

Add a touch of magic and a positive vibe to your wedding ceremony with “Summerland”. Just like the other Florida and Georgia songs, this track is captivating. 

8. “Swerve”

Best Lyrics: And I can’t even walk across the room without losing my cool/You got my world tippin’ and spinnin’, doin’ what you do

When you look into your partner’s eyes, let this song express the way you feel for them. “Swerve” can transform a calm atmosphere into a lively one. 

9. “Cruise”

Best Lyrics: Baby you’re a song/You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

For a song that reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2012 and 2013, you can’t expect less. “Cruise” is a beautiful song that will make you and your guests dance and have lots of fun!

10. “Like You Ain’t Even Gone”

Best Lyrics: You go sliding through the static trying to find that song you love/Smoke rolling up and you showing up like a dime piece in the dust

This song has an emotional tone, making it perfect for calm moments. It describes the feelings of vulnerability and the power of love.

11. “Sippin’ on Fire”

Best Lyrics: Girl, you melt me like ice in whiskey/With those blue flame looks that you give me

Get ready to dance and party like you’ve never before with this lively jam. But keep the volume on a mid-level when playing this song to enjoy its playful lyrics. 

12. “This Is How We Roll” (with Luke Bryan)

Best Lyrics: With nothin’ else to do, we take another lap around/Yeah, holla at your boy if you need a ride

With Luke Bryan being featured on this song, you’ll just know it’s all you need to have an enjoyable moment. “This Is How We Roll” is a celebratory song that fits the theme of any joyous occasion, including weddings.

13. “Sun Daze”

Best Lyrics: Girl you know you’re the life of my party/You can stay and keep sippin’ Bacardi

Considering its carefree vibe and simple lyrics, “Sun Daze” will make a good addition to your Florida Georgia Line wedding songs. The lyrics are about a man who plans to have a relaxing and fun day ahead, which is relatable to a wedding day. 

14. “Simple”

Best Lyrics: The way your fingers fit in mine/It’s five plus five, not rocket science

This mid-tempo love song can make you fall in love with your partner again. Both Gen-Z and older guests will appreciate this music choice because of its meaningful lyrics and powerful melody.

15. “Good Good”

Best Lyrics: Pretty thing you’re making me go back/Looking like a Shania Twain throwback/Picture perfect girl I gotta post that

While exchanging vows or having your first kiss, “Good Good” is a wonderful choice to consider. In addition to featuring soothing instrumentals, the lyrics are about two individuals in love who appreciate their relationship. 

16. “Hell Raisin’ Heat of the Summer”

Best Lyrics: We were livin’ every minute of the night/Like there might never be another

This carefree jam can encourage you and your guests to show off your dance skills. It’s perfect for the wedding party when everyone present just wants to have fun.  

17. “Blessings”

Best Lyrics: First time I met you, knew I never could forget you, girl/You always saw the blue skies past the rain clouds in my eyes

Do you ever feel blessed to have someone special like your partner? If yes, dedicate “Blessings” to them. If you can, hire live musicians to perform this beautiful track, and your hearts will be filled with joy. 

18. “Stay”

Best Lyrics: I’d sell my soul just to see your face/And I’d break my bones just to heal your pain

This song has an emotional tone that can create a calm and reflective mood. Considering its lyrics, you can play “Stay” during a montage or at the ceremony prelude. 

19. “God, Your Mama and Me” Feat. Backstreet Boys

Best Lyrics: You know I’m always gonna be here for ya/No one’s ever gonna love you more than/God, your mama, and me

Perhaps you’ve been looking for the perfect song for the father-daughter dance; this is it. “God, Your Mama and Me” is a powerful declaration of love for someone special and the promise to be there for them always. 

20. “Get Your Shine On”

Best Lyrics: You know I love it when you get your shine on/’Cause you and me be rockin’ all night long

Looking for a song that can set the tone for a party mood? We recommend “Get Your Shine On“. Not only does the song feature positive lyrics, but it also has a captivating melody, making it perfect for wedding parties. 

Final Thoughts

For your special day, it is important to choose music that relates to the themes of love, commitment, and celebration. Make sure your wedding playlists include tunes that will create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. 

From our selection of Florida Georgia Line wedding songs, there is a great fit for every moment of your ceremony. We are confident that these tracks will provide remarkable experiences for you and everyone in attendance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Gives the Bride Away?

Traditionally, the father of the bride gives her away in marriage. However, anyone among both parents can give the bride away in modern weddings.

As long as the couple feels comfortable with the person, they’re good to go. When it comes to weddings, couples have to be flexible in making decisions that will make them happy. 

Can Both Parents Walk the Bride?

While it is customary for the father of the bride to walk her to meet the groom, both parents can do it.

The bride’s mother may be on her left side while the father will be on her right, or vice versa. It is better to ask for both parents’ opinions before the wedding day. 

What is the Song Called When the Bride and Groom Leave?

It is commonly known as the wedding recessional songs or wedding exit songs.

The music is played as the newlyweds leave the wedding venue, with the guests cheering them on. Often, the recessional songs reflect the joy that the couples feel on their special day. 

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