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Florida is getting ready to celebrate it’s first LGBT wedding in the capitol!

Daniel Sohn will be marrying his partner, Kaitik Chan on Wednesday, at the Florida Capitol.

The wedding will be officiated by Florida House Representative Carlos G. Smith.

Read on for more details about this good news coming out of Palm Beach County, Florida.

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First LGBT Haverhill councilm

Florida legalized same-sex marriages in January 2015, after 38 years of prohibition against it.

Now, same-sex couples of Florida have the same rights as heterosexual couples.


They can live their lives together, adopt children, and as of May 2016, both parents are listed on the birth certificate, officializing their families.

Daniel Sohn is the first LGBT councilman elected in the history of Haverhill.

He received over 60% of the votes in 2018, when he was 27 years old, making him the youngest official ever elected in Palm Beach County.

He is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and constantly offering support and fighting for their rights.

This is not the first gay wedding in Florida, but it surely has a great impact.

Daniel Sohn and his soon-to-be husband, Kaitik Chan are the first gay couple to marry in the Florida Capitol.


Note the “o” in capitol. While he’s not the first LGBT man to wed in Tallahassee in general, he’s the first elected official to do so.

This is major news, especially in a conservative state like Florida!

Florida is getting ready to celebrate it's first LGBT wedding in the capitol!  Check out the details to learn more about this historical event!

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