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On January 13th the Northern Ireland parliament legalized same-sex marriage. The news comes after a long period of voting, discussing and re-writing the law.

The voting on the same-sex marriage law was initiated in 2012 by Northern Ireland Assembly, and even though it passed on its fifth attempt, it was vetoed by the Democratic Unionist Party.

But now, it is here! The first gay couple is scheduled to get married on February 10 and they are incredibly excited about it.

The First Gay Couple To Get Married In Northern Ireland

First Gay Couple to Marry in Northern Ireland

Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards are going to be officially married in Northern Ireland next week. They are incredibly happy, yet very nervous about their big day.

Robyn and Sharni met five years ago in a bar and they’ve been together since. Robyn stated:

“We’re both nervous but very excited. We just can’t believe it’s happening next week.”

Northern Ireland offered its citizens Civil Partnerships since the year 2005, and gay people were given adoption rights in 2013, but up until now, they couldn’t get legally married.

Happily, this has changed. They now can start their own families and be recognized as citizens with full rights.

This news is truly incredible and we hope that the rest of the countries still lagging behind will follow North Ireland’s example and implement same-sex marriage laws around the world.

Are all marriages now recognized in Northern Ireland?

As of Monday, same-sex marriages are fully recognized in Northern Ireland. However, there is one caveat.

If you and your partner already held a ceremony in Northern Ireland to honor your commitment to each other (ie, got married in every way that counts except the “legal” way with paperwork), it doesn’t automatically convert to a legal marriage.

However, if you were already wed in another country that recognizes same-sex marriages, Northern Ireland DOES recognize the union as legal.

We’re very excited to congratulate the soon-to-be brides and we can’t wait to see their incredible wedding photos!

What are your thoughts on the news about the first gay couple to get married in Northern Ireland? Share below!

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