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photo showing the first gay couple to adopt in the US with their son
Credit: Reddit

In honor of Father’s Day, a Reddit user shared a touching throwback picture with his adoptive dads, who have the honor of being the first recorded openly gay couple to adopt in the US. The picture shows the young Redditer, who goes by “u/robbiedlmt” with his two dads. His adoption took place back in January, 1979 in California.

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“Robbiedlmt” captioned his photo by offering a little background. He grew up in San Francisco Castro. One of his dads was a Pediatrician, while the other was the Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church. He encouraged fellow Reddit users to “ask my anything,” and that they did.

Photo of the First Gay Couple to Adopt in the US Hits You Right in the Heart

Fellow users asked him some of the most common questions, and he happily answered. One of them asked if he was aware of the uniqueness of his family while growing up.

He answered.

I was barely 2 years old when I was adopted. My parents were deeply involved in the Metropolitan Community Church and gay activist movement taking place in the San Francisco Castro, so for me (and everything around me) was normal and not unique at all because it was all I knew.

Another user asked him if he was bullied for having two days. He responded that he was, but considering the fact that it was in mid 80’s, he wasn’t surprised.

Someone asked if he called them both dad, and he answered.

They were both dad. In hindsight now, I see how that contributed to confusion amongst other parents and my teachers. “My dad is picking me up today” and it’s a different guy then yesterday.

One of the most important questions came from someone who was curious if he was LGBTQ too considering the fact that he grew up with two gay parents. He said.

I’m a straight man and enjoy relationships with women. While there are some people raised in same-sex households that come out as gay themselves, that number is relatively low in comparison to those who come out raised by opposite sex parents.

Indeed, experts concur. Research shows that kids raised in same-sex families are not more likely to be gay than kids with heterosexual parents.

One user wanted to know about dad jokes. After all, twice the dads means twice the pun, right? He answered that both were masters at dad jokes back in the day.

He also said that.

Around the age of 6 or 7 is when I first remember being teased about having two dads and no mom. I did not really understand what it all meant, but it was the first time I recognized being “different”.

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