Ellen Jokes About How Joe Exotic-a Gay Man- Got 3 Straight Men to Marry Him

Tiger King- the wildly popular murder mystery documentary on Netflix- features, among other things, a gay man that convinced three straight men to marry him.

That fact wasn’t lost on Ellen, who brought it up while dishing with tWitch about the series.

Read on for her hilarious take on Joe Exotic, plus check out the latest footage from Joe Exotic’s triple-groom gay wedding.

Ellen Jokes About How Joe Exotic-a Gay Man- Got 3 Straight Men to Marry Him.

The ‘Tiger King’ show is getting more and more popular on Netflix, and of course, “Everyone has an opinion about “Tiger King,” including me” as Ellen says.

Since the COVID-19 quarantine, everything has moved online, including Ellen’s show.

In one of her most recent tweets, she stood and had a talk with tWitch and her valuable employee, Andy.

Ellen expressed that the show is quite controversial and “some people really don’t like it, or can’t watch it.”

She also makes it clear that she doesn’t approve of Joe Exotic’s actions, saying “we don’t need any more tigers in captivity.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look below. In typical Ellen fashion, it’s hilarious.

How did a gay man get three straight men to marry him?

While “Tiger King” touts itself as a murder mystery (among many other things), there’s a second mystery that definitely needs some explaining: how Joe Exotic convinced so many men to marry him at once.

To paraphrase Ellen, Joe Exotic- a gay man- managed to convince not one, not two, but THREE straight men to marry him (meanwhile straight women everywhere can’t figure out how to get just one to return their calls).

One of the highlights of the Netflix original focuses on Joe’s 2014 wedding, which was completely out of the ordinary, confirmed even by the officiant.

That’s when Exotic married John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a very pink three-way ceremony.

Curious what that wedding looked like? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Take a look below.

Joe Exotic’s Tri-Groom Gay Wedding

The video featured one of Joe’s original songs ‘I Saw a Tiger’ as he is preparing the wedding, and hoping to be surprised.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came after the wedding, though. Finlay ended his affair with Joe and the zoo. Maldonado died after shooting himself.

Two months later, Joe moved on and married the third man, Dillan Passage. They are still married to this day, while the 22-year prison sentence passes.

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Ellen Struggles to Find a Bright Side to “Tiger King”

In their efforts of finding a positive character in the whole show, Ellen remembers Saff, “the guy who had his arm cut off”.

Andy intervenes in the story saying “My arm gets cut off, I’m not coming back to work.”

Without missing a beat, Ellen responded “That’s why Saff is a much better employee than you are. Because Saff went right back to work.”

Talking about quarantine, Ellen hopes the whole thing will be over before Cat Week, then joking about the fact that no one has hairdressers anymore.

“My hair is going to look like Exotic Joe’s pretty soon.”

tWitch assures her that she’s got a long way until she reaches that point, while she asks Andy, how’s the window cleaning going, who was hoping he could take a break, as he was part of the show by that point.

By being such a good employer, Ellen assures him that he can do both, at the same time.

“I do want you as part of the show. And I also want my windows cleaned.”

Quarantine Is Affecting Everyone; One Way Or Another

In terms of the new shows they are watching, we know that Andy is a fan of Unorthodox and Game of Game, which apparently airs on Tuesday nights on CBS.

The problem is now, that no one knows exactly what day it is. “I’m not sure. It doesn’t matter what day it is” Ellen adds to the conversation.

On the same note, we now know that tWitch is watching Little Fires Everywhere, as well as PAW Patrol and Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, saying “We got kids.” And this is something I’m sure a lot of parents can relate to.

Funny story, Ellen never saw PAW Patrol. “I have not seen PAW Patrol. I’ll watch that tonight”, but she did love Little Fires Everywhere, and she loved Reese and Kerry.

I’m watching a whole bunch of different things. And yet, I can’t think of anything right now.

And of course, there had to be a toilet paper and hand sanitizer joke somewhere. “You laugh, but I’d sell this house for some hand sanitizer.”

We can tell for sure that quarantine is taking a toll on everyone.

Well, more or less, but Ellen’s show will continue “We’re gonna take a quick break, but we’ll be right back because… where else are we going to be?”

Did you watch Ellen’s clip? How about that triple-groom gay wedding? Tell us your thoughts below! We’d love to hear how you think a gay man got three straight guys to marry him!

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