5 Amazingly Easy Face Mask Patterns For a Wedding (With Video Tutorials)

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Looking for face mask patterns for a wedding so that you can try your hand at making your own? I hear you! While masks aren’t terribly expensive to buy, why spend that money at all when you can easily whip up your own? Bonus, you’ll have an easier time matching your face mask to your wedding dress, since you’ll have your gown right there in front of you to inspire you.

Face Masks Patterns For a Wedding

When it comes to making your own facemasks, things can get a little scary. Happily, we prepared this list of our favorite tutorials and these may be the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while.

In general, you don’t need a lot of supplies to do it. You can use fabrics and patterns around your house, and you can add filters to them for extra protection.

Face Mask Ideas for Your Wedding Gu...
Face Mask Ideas for Your Wedding Guests

Let’s have a look at how others did it, and maybe get some inspiration from there.

1. Upcycled Lace Wedding Facemask

This is one of the cutest tutorials I’ve seen, and she didn’t use a lot of materials in order to do it. Everything started from a pretty, lace skirt, and some elastic bands. In the video, she gives exact instructions on how to make the pattern for both kids and adults, and teaches you step by step how to do it yourself.

2. Elegant Wedding Facemask

If you’re looking for a facemask that’s both elegant and absolutely perfect for a wedding, then you definitely need to give this one a try. The instructions are very clear, you don’t need a lot of fabric, and you will even learn how to make some of the extra decorations she applies on the mask.

The results are quite impressive, and you can use basically any kind of fabric. If you managed to get some samples from your dress, then this is going to be perfect!

3. Designer Mask Pattern

At first sight, this mask looks like it has been created for a princess. It’s absolutely stunning, you can choose any colors you like, and it’s a lot easier to make than it seems.

You will see in the video how to make the pattern and how to sew the pieces together, and ultimately, create something you will want to keep around for a long time.

4. Fitted Lace Muslin Face Mask

I just love the combination of lace and beads on this one. The designer actually went to fashion school, so you know she knows her stuff. If you want something very elegant, take a look!

5. Breathable Wedding Facemask

This is one of the more complicated patterns out there, but that only happens because of the fabrics. Some types of lace are hard to sew together, so you need to make sure that they align perfectly in order for the mask to look pristine.

It’s a very simple tutorial, and you will even learn how to create a pattern in just a few minutes.

More great places to find face mask patterns for weddings

If these didn’t get you excited about making your own wedding face mask, you could always just find a really great general pattern and go from there. Here are some great places with TONS of patterns in one spot:

AlllFreeSewing has 20+ patterns, plus tips on making sure your mask meets CDC requirements. They also have some cute ideas that would work well for younger kids, in case you’re planning to make face masks for your wedding guests.

You can find 41 printable face mask patterns, all approved by hospitals, on Threads Monthly. While these are mostly just general patterns, again, you can easily adapt one of them for your wedding.

Last, if you have an easier time learning through pictures than video, check out this simple tutorial from Button Counter.

Looking for face mask patterns for a wedding? Check out 5 amazing video tutorials plus see our favorite places to find more patterns!

If this is your first DIY project, then you may want to start with a couple of tests, especially if the fabric you have is limited. In general, as long as you follow the instructions there are not a lot of things that can go bad. However, it’s always best to be safe, rather than sorry.

I’m hoping that these face mask patterns for a wedding really helped, and now you are going to create something amazing!

Do you have any other favorite tutorials or face mask patterns for a wedding? Share below!

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