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Drive-By Bridal Shower Favors And Decor - donuts in a gift box

So you’re looking for some impressive drive-by bridal shower favors and decor ideas? Then you are in the right place. We gathered up some of the cutest ideas out there! You will definitely find something to match your needs and make your day special, even if current events make it hard to get together in person. ! Let’s take a look!

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Our Top Pick

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Don’t have time to read the whole list and just want to grab something fast? Our #1 favorite drive-by bridal shower favor is definitely the pretty hand sanitizer! Check it out here!

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Drive-By Bridal Shower Favors And Decor Ideas

1. Drive-By Event Sign

In order to let everyone know where you drive-by bridal shower is happening, it would be a great idea to place one of those signs in your front yard. You can edit the template yourself and even have a memory from this day.

You can find this printable on Etsy and then customize it in order to have it matching your wishes! If you love this idea but prefer a different look, check out these other wonderful drive by bridal shower signs that we love!

Editable Drive-By Event Sign

Editable drive-by event sign with a blush floral design. Printable sign that you edit yourself with Corjl! All text is editable! *This is a digital printable file only - no physical sign or yard sign equipment is offered with this listing.

2. Champagne Bottle Labels

drive-by bridal shower favors champagne labels

Another great idea for a drive-by bridal shower is to offer your guests cute champagne bottles with a custom label on them. These ones are incredibly beautiful with a botanical touch.

You can get them from Etsy and customize them according to your wishes!

Editable Champagne Bottle Labels

dit your own file directly in your browser or on a *mobile device using the online editing software Corjl makes it easy for you to make all the changes yourself, download the PDF, JPG or PNG, and have it all ready to go in no time at all.

3. Pink Floral Gift Tags

Pink Floral Gift Tags drive-by bridal shower favors

Another great idea you can use are these pink floral gift tags from Zazzle. They are incredibly cute and will match any favor you may want. Think about some delicious homemade cookies with this tag attached to them!

They come in two types of paper, the classic matte and kraft, and you can choose blue, white, grey, and red twine for them!

Pink Floral Adventure Vintage Car Shower Gift Tags

This elegant design features modern watercolor greenery, pretty pink roses, festive balloons and a chic vintage car. Use the text fields to personalize the tags with your own wording and details. If you want to change the font style, color or text placement, simply click the "Customize Further" button.

4. Drive-By Bridal Shower Plates

Drive-By Bridal Shower Plates drive-by bridal shower favors

To fully get everyone in the mood, you can order a set of these incredible paper plates from Zazzle. They are so beautiful, you may need to think twice before actually using them.

They come in two sizes of 7″ and 9″ and you can even personalize the text before ordering, so you will get exactly what you want!

Set them out on the drive-by table, along with some wrapped goodies that guests can take. Hey, even if you can’t sit down to eat together, you should still feed your guests, right?

Blush Pink & Gold Pumpkin Drive By Bridal Shower Paper Plate

Throw a spectacular party with fully customizable paper plates to match your theme! Each set of eight paper plates is printed on durable paper stock and decorated with your custom designs or photos.

5. Mini Lavender Fragrance Soap

Mini Lavender Fragrance Soap

Something to offer your guests in these times are these very cute mini lavender fragrance soaps. They are very cute and can make an incredible favor. On top of everything, you can combine them with the pink floral gift tags and really make something special!

They are available on Etsy, and you can customize them in all the ways. For example, you can get white, poppy or oat soap in 25 or 50 pieces, and you can choose from over 15 ribbon colors!

6. Personalized Rose And Gold Floral Box

Personalized Rose And Gold Floral Box drive-by bridal shower favors

If you really want to put a mark on this day, you can create a pack of favors and throw them in one of these boxes. They are incredibly beautiful and I’m sure every single one of your drive-by guests will be more than happy to receive one of them.

They are available on Etsy and you can always ask the seller to personalize it with your name and date!

Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Boxes
$1.36 each

The box size is 7.5cm x 11.5cm x 10cm (not including handle). They will be sent out to you flat packed and pop open easily. No glue required. The box is closed using the side tabs.

7. Elegant Hand Sanitizer

Elegant Hand Sanitizer drive-by bridal shower

It became one of the things we carry around the most, so it would be amazing for everyone to have one of them from your drive-by wedding shower. Either throw it in a favor box, or put a cute label on it, and you’re done!

This is available on Zazzle and you can personalize the text as long as it fits in the box!

Elegant Hand Sanitizer Favor

Set of 12 Hand Sanitizer Bottles. Perfect, travel-sized favor! Inside these elegant travel size bottles is a wonderful citrus-scented hand sanitizer gel that helps to reduce unwanted bacteria and germs on the skin.

Final Recommendation

So you're looking for some impressive drive-by bridal shower favors and decor ideas? Wait until you see these cute ideas! Take a look!

In order to create the best drive-by bridal shower favors, I recommend combining the mini-lavender soaps, with the themed hand sanitizers and throw them in a beautiful and personalized favor box. Your guests will be incredibly surprised when they finally open it.

Which of these drive-by bridal shower favors and decor ideas would you choose? Share below!

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