24 Best Darius Rucker Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Consider including Darius Rucker wedding songs playlist to add a touch of romance and celebration to your big day. Wedding preparations can be stressful for intended brides and grooms-to-be.

Understandably, you’d want to make your big day memorable, from choosing the wedding venue to finalizing the guest list. However, your wedding would not be complete without passionate music.

We recognize that there are many songs available for use at a wedding. However, a few of them can touch listeners’ hearts, leaving lasting memories in their minds.In this article, you’ll have the chance to choose the best Darius Rucker songs for a beautiful experience.

Let’s take a look at these captivating tracks one by one.

24 Best Darius Rucker Wedding Songs

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1. Hold My Hand

Best Lyrics: With a little love and some tenderness/We’ll walk upon the water

For your first dance or while you exchange your vows, you can play this song to have an intimate moment. “Hold My Hand” is a song that conveys a message of oneness between couples, especially when going through difficult times. 

2. One Love

Best Lyrics: Sunshine, on the horizon/Over two young lovers, while it’s going down

While this song was originally written by Bob Marley, Rucker’s version adds a casual vibe to it. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace unity and love, making the song perfect for every moment. 

3. Alright

Best Lyrics: Ain’t got no caviar, no Dom Perignon/But as far as I can see, I got everything I want

This celebratory song can make a great impact at your ceremony, considering its catchy melody. The lyrics emphasize the importance of staying happy despite the challenges that life brings. 

4. Lost In You

Best Lyrics: And a smile I will remember for the rest of my life/How sweet was your kiss

With a song like “Lost In You” playing in the background, you can be sure of having a magical experience. The song speaks of a man who feels as though he’s lost in the love of his woman, which you should find relatable. 

5. Las Vegas Nights

Best Lyrics: There she stands with her eyes full and yearning/I look/And I know gotta be there

Looking for a song that can make your guests dance and be merry? Choose “Las Vegas Nights”. It’s a lively song with an upbeat rhythm and a catchy chorus that everyone can sing along to. 

6. Love Will

Best Lyrics: When we can’t find a common ground/When we can’t work it out/Love will

“Love Will” conveys a simple but powerful message that relates to the themes of weddings. The lyrics express how the power of love can overcome difficult times, making it a desirable song choice.

7. If I Told You

Best Lyrics: Would you stay?/Would you leave?/I could wait/It’ll all come out eventually

For guests who don’t have enough words to express how they feel about someone, this song can motivate them.

“If I Told You” is a soulful song about a man who loves a woman but feels scared to express his feelings. Listeners who have ever been in love will relate to this song on a deeper level. 

8. Homegrown Honey

Best Lyrics: Everybody here looking New York pretty/But you’re the kinda girl that’s got that something

This song can be dedicated to the bride to express admiration and appreciation for her. “Homegrown Honey” speaks of a man who has fallen head over heels for a beautiful, confident woman. He sees her as being sweet and pure, just like home-grown honey. 

9. I Will Wait

Best Lyrics: Needs to smell her, touch her hair/Say’s “I can’t be without her”

With its simple, heartfelt lyrics and excellent vocals, “I Will Wait” will make a good addition to your playlist. The lyrics perfectly describe the feelings of loving someone and waiting for them to come around. 

10. If I Had Wings

Best Lyrics: I’d look down from the clouds, on everything/then I could find all the things we’ve been missin’

There’s something unique about “If I Had Wings” that would make you want to play it repeatedly at your wedding. While it is not a love song, “If I Had Wings” has lyrics that resonate with listeners who are curious about life.

11. History in the Making

Best Lyrics: Don’t move, baby don’t move/Aw look at you, I just want to take this in

This romantic song can make you remember the first time you fell in love with your partner. It features a slow melody and simple lyrics that can create a warm ambiance for you and everyone present. 

12. Hey Sister Pretty

Best Lyrics: Hey sister pretty, your lips are on the city/Everybodys waiting for the honeymoon to end

In the calm moments of the ceremony, you can play this fascinating song to inspire listeners. It explores the complex nature of love and relationships, which many people will understand. 

13. Time

Best Lyrics: Ride the lows, chase the highs/Fall in love and love this life

In addition to its gentle melody, this song has powerful lyrics that can touch the hearts of listeners. “Time” speaks of the importance of valuing every moment in life because time waits for no one. 

14. Southern Style

Best Lyrics: Southern style, warm and breezy/If you met her, man believe me/You’d want her to stay a while

“Southern Style” is a feel-good song that you can play at the wedding reception. It talks about the simple things in life that bring joy, including spending time with loved ones. 

15. She’s Beautiful

Best Lyrics: Cause the more I know the more I need her/The more I love the more I see her heart

Consider choosing this song for the bridal entrance to celebrate and appreciate the bride on her big day. “She’s Beautiful” is about a beautiful lady with good attributes, which serves as a reminder that inner beauty is also important. 

16. Goodbye

Best Lyrics: No, I just want to touch you girl/I want to feel you close to me

Dedicate “Goodbye” to your friends and family members to assure them of your unwavering love after the wedding. It’s an emotional song that describes the bittersweet feelings that come with separation from a loved one. 

17. It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Best Lyrics: One day soon that little girl is gonna be/All grown up and gone/Yeah this phase is gonna fly by

“It Won’t Be Like This For Long” will be a perfect fit for the father-daughter dance. The song emphasizes cherishing every moment with one’s children because they’ll leave someday. 

18. Desert Mountain Showdown

Best Lyrics: You’ve got to capture me to set me free/I flew on the wings of a bird

Encourage your guests to show off their dancing skills and have fun by playing this song. Desert Mountain Showdown has uplifting lyrics and a driving beat that will infuse the atmosphere with positive vibes. 

19. Hold On

Best Lyrics: It won’t be too long, girl/Find out where you belong

While “Hold On” is not a love song, it conveys a powerful message that can motivate guests at your ceremony. The song encourages listeners to never give up, no matter the challenges that come their way.  

20. So I Sang

Best Lyrics: First time we kissed, she whispered, “I love you”/But I wasn’t brave enough to say I loved her too

When there aren’t enough words to express oneself, music can do the magic. “So I Sang” testifies to the power of music in different situations, making it an ideal choice for the bridal entrance or recessional. 

21 Wild One

Best Lyrics: Girl, you are the one who’s changing my way of life./I’m tired of painting the town with ladies

This upbeat song has an uplifting message that everyone present will be able to relate to. The lyrics talk about accepting one’s imperfections and being with a lover who also accepts them. 

22. This

Best Lyrics: Got a baby girl sleepin’ in my bedroom/And her momma laughing in my arms

“This” can make you visualize a beautiful future as you and your partner have your first dance. The song is about the transformative power of love and is a reminder that it is important to always express gratitude. 

23. Only Wanna Be with You

Best Lyrics: You and me, we come from different worlds/You like to laugh at me when I look at other girls

This slow, romantic song will be perfect for the first dance, cocktail hour, dinner, or exit song. “Only Wanna Be With You” is a declaration of love and long-term commitment to a partner. 

24. For the First Time

Best Lyrics: When was the last time you did something for the first time?/Yeah yeah, let yourself go, come on follow that feeling

For the First Time” beautifully captures the happiness you feel on your wedding day. The song describes the feelings of excitement that come with trying something for the first time. 

Final Thoughts

Darius Rucker wedding songs are ideal for every moment, including your first dance, father-daughter dance, and reception party. 

This amazing singer’s song has a distinct and reassuring quality that will infuse your ceremony with love, romance, and energy. 

Take your time listening to each song and picking those that will make the wedding celebration truly unique. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Music Should I Have at My Wedding?

Preferably, choose the kind of music that will create a romantic ambiance for you and your guests. Play some background music for about 30 minutes as your guests begin to enter the wedding venue.

Ensure the songs are slow and soothing, and avoid loud music to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Is It Important to Have a DJ at a Wedding?

While it is not mandatory to hire a DJ for a wedding ceremony, it is not a bad idea to have one around.

The DJ has a way of adding a touch of charm and energy to wedding ceremonies. They also have a way of relating to guests to create an exciting atmosphere for them. 

Does the Father of the Bride Speak First Or Last?

Ideally, the father of the bride speaks first, mostly before dinner. He acknowledges and welcomes the groom’s family and everyone present.

Afterward, he may decide to share a short story about the newlyweds before raising a toast to them.

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