COVID-19 Didn’t Stop This San Fran Couple’s Dream Gay Wedding

A bit of happy news in the midst of all the bad, one San Francisco couple didn’t let COVID-19 cancel their dream gay wedding.

Realizing the pandemic isn’t anywhere near over, they took matters into their own hands.

Read on for the full heartwarming story.

COVID-19 Didn't Stop This San Fran Couple's Dream Gay Wedding

San Francisco Couple’s Gay Wedding Goes Off Despite The COVID-19 Outbreak

César Salza and Kyle Hill, a San Francisco gay couple, couldn’t wait any longer to tie the knot.

They realized the pandemic is not going to end soon, so they took the matter into their own hands, while respecting the social distancing measures, of course.

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The couple wed on April 18, in one of Kyle’s friends’ backyard. They all wore masks and followed the social distancing guidelines.

During a phone call with the Bay Area Reporter, Kyle said,

We had planned on something in June but we realized quickly with COVID-19 that it wouldn’t be possible.

Fortunately,, the couple already had their marriage license issued, as right now, the city of San Francisco closed their offices.

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The only thing that was left to do was to find someone who would be able to officiate their wedding.

They made a Facebook post, asking if someone could help them, and it happened!!!

One of their friends put them in contact with Jared Scherer, who is himself a gay man, working as a San Francisco marriage commissioner. Scherer reported for the B.A.R.

They had a couple of witnesses sign and we kept our distance and had masks on.

According to Hill, they had a very small party, with a total of 10 people, including Scherer and the couple.

They wanted to make sure their friends could be with them in that moment, as they were planning to leave the town.

Beautiful Tinder Romance

César is a Spanish national, born in Caracas, Venezuela.

He moved to San Francisco two years ago, and currently works for CNET en Espanol, as a technology journalist.

Kyle is an American citizen, born in Ohio. He moved three years ago to San Francisco and works as a choreographer and interior designer.

Hill stated.

I decided I wanted a change of pace, a change of scenery.

Salza and Hill met on the famous Tinder app one year ago, while swiping right on each other “at the same time”.

Their story couldn’t be better. Hill said.

The question is always who swiped right first. We started chatting and I tend to be more shy on dating apps but we decided to meet, and we met, and here we are. We took a trip to meet his family (in Spain) and we stopped in Portugal first, where I proposed. That way, when we got to Spain we could share the good news with his family.

And The Honeymoon Is Planned!

Even though their families weren’t able to be with them on the big day, the couple plans to have a huge celebration in Mexico.

We decided that next summer we’re going to Tulum and honeymoon there. Since family and friends weren’t able to come to San Francisco with us, we’ll be having a big celebration there.

According to Scherer, the marriage documents have been sent to the City Hall by mail, as they are closed to the public.

They were a really sweet and lovely couple. It was an honor to perform this ceremony in a time of need.

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