Canada, US & Others Urge Russia to Stop Ban on Same-Sex Marriage, Putin’s Allies Flip Out

Canadian Embassy in Moscow, Russia, where Putin's allies are accusing Canada of interfering with same-sex marriage vote.

Canada, the US and others put out a joint statement urging Russian to stop the ban on same-sex marriage and honor LGBTQ rights. Now, Putin’s Allies are on a tear. In an ironic turn of events, they’re accusing Canada of interfering in Russia’s gay marriage vote. Read on for the full story.

Canada, US & Others Urge Russia to Stop Ban on Same-Sex Marriage, Putin’s Allies Flip Out

The past few weeks saw a series of votes regarding constitutional amendments in Russia. Among them is one that would allow President Vladimir Putin to stay president for life, but that’s not all.

Another possible change would be to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman only. The progressive opposition believes that this kind of conservative ideology will send Russia back to the middle ages.

In a joint statement issued on June 2020 by Canada, Australia, the United states, New Zealand and the U.K. they called on Russia’s government “to adhere to its stated commitment to protecting the rights of all citizens, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.”

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Canada, US & Others Urge Russia to Stop Ban on Same-Sex Marriage, Putin’s Allies Flip Out

Canada’s ambassador to Russia spoke in a Facebook video by a Russian LGBTQ group. She said voting “yes” on this law would lead to a “less inclusive” world for the LGBTQ community.

In Russia, this situation [over gay rights] is compounded by an increase in violence and intimidation of the community by local authorities and other actors … and proposals for constitutional amendments that if adopted would lead to an increasingly less inclusive national legal framework.

Pyotr Tolstoy, a member of the Putin-friendly United Russia party in Russia’s parliament, responded with a scathing verbal attack. During a conversation with Russia’s 60 Minutes, he said of LeClaire, “She will burn in hell.”

This woman, the ambassador of Canada, is a typical representative of this type of single, middle aged ‘dame’ who are activists for the promotion of LGBTQ agendas in Europe, in America, in Canada, and now here.

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of National Defence joined in on the attack on LeClaire, suggesting that she should be fired.

At the very minimum, this ambassador should be called in by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and she should be officially and decisively be issued a protest of meddling in the internal affairs of Russia.

And Yvgeny Popov, the host, agreed.

When the ambassador of Canada in the middle of our vote on the constitution — where we will decide if we are for or against, but we will decide — she is telling us how to vote, how are we supposed to react?

When CBC asked Global Affairs Canada about the situation, their response didn’t exactly answer the question.

Every year, Canadian missions across the globe fly the flag and offer words of support to LGBTQ2 communities during Pride.

Russia’s accusation of “foreign meddling” is ironic, considering the nation faces the same accusations regarding the US 2016 election.

This news also comes just days after US citizens learned that Putin paid Taliban assassins to murder US and UK troops in Afghanistan.

US Ambassador to Russia Weighs in

The Canadian Ambassador wasn’t alone in urging Russia to vote against the same-sex marriage ban. US Ambassador Sullivan shared his own message to the Russian public, saying:

“June is Pride Month. LGBTI rights are human rights, and human rights are universal.”

Russian LGBTQ activists say that Russia’s attitude towards them is evolving. However, since Putin came back in the office in 2012, the situations is shifting in the wrong direction.

Karina Kuznetsova, owner of a LGBTQ coffee shop in Saint Petersburg, said.

We will return not just to Soviet times, this will take us back even further. This will take us back to the 16th century how I see it, with these types of amendments, because we will have just one person in charge — like a tsar.

She also said that lately, everything bad that happens is because of the LGBT community according to the officials.

The voters have until Wednesday to cast ballots. Some groups are even trying to motivate people to vote by giving away cars, money and apartments.

What do you think about Putin’s allies accusing Canada, et al. of interfering with their same-sex marriage vote? Share your thoughts below.

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