This Bride Pulled Off a Beautiful $3,000 Wedding (You Won’t Believe the Cost of Her Dress!)

Bride holding a wedding bouquet filled with white and purple roses. Learn how to throw a cheap wedding for under $3K, flowers and all!

With finances tight for everyone thanks to current events, many couples are searching for ways to pull off a cheap wedding without it actually looking cheap. One Reddit bride did just that! She paid just under $3,000 for her big day, and it was just lovely. You won’t believe the cost of her dress! Read on to learn more.

This Bride Pulled Off a Beautiful $3,000 Wedding (You Won’t Believe the Cost of Her Dress!)

Believe it or not, it is possible to organize a wedding for under $3.000, and this Reddit bride told us exactly what she did in order to achieve it.

She and her husband got married in July this year, and had a “Covid-specific” wedding with just them and the kids, and respected all the restrictions in order to be as safe as possible.

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Covid gave us a good excuse to save money. This marriage is important to us and it felt very intimate and appropriate to have just us (and kids) at our wedding. I put up an online album and the family seems to really enjoy that. I couldn’t be happier with our choices!

In her cost breakdown, she mentioned that even though the outbreak helped them save some money, she would rather spend it on something different, having learned this from her first marriage.

 I’ve been married before, so this is my second marriage. This is how we did it because I learned something from the first wedding (and marriage). I have more money at this point in my life, but I have different values that dictate how I spend it.

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Cost Breakdown for This Amazing Cheap Wedding

For the wedding, their most significant expense were the wedding rings, at $1,986.88, that didn’t include the engagement ring they previously bought.

As for organization, the total cost was of only $563. This included the photographer they hired for about one and a half hours, the clothes for her, the husband and their three kids, make-up and flowers.

  • Photographer: $200.00
  • Flowers: $34.00
  • Attire: $258.53
  • Makeup: $70

The best part is that they didn’t pay anything for the venue, as they held the celebration in a local park.

Our bride managed to find herself a wonderful $15.00 dress, while her husband’s and son’s attire were $52.64 each. and the daughters received matching outfits for a total of $138.25.

The rest of the costs covered the marriage license and judicial officer for $200, considering the fact that they had a copy if the certificate mailed to their house.

Needless to say, the comments started to pour, as everyone was impressed about this wedding. After all, it didn’t even reach the $3.000 mark.

Congratulations! I saw your other post as well, you both look great! I wish you guys the best in your future endeavors :)

They received hundreds of comments, from people congratulating them, to people sharing similar experiences.

I LOVE THIS! We had a small and “inexpensive” wedding as well. It’s a day. A fun, happy, and very meaningful day but still just a single day. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend what would be a hefty down payment on a home on one day.

While talking to another user about the fact that no one should get in debt for a wedding, our bride gave the most wholesome answer.

I’ve had enough of playing catch-up after having kids so young. It had a tremendous negative impact on me financially and was also socially isolating to be in different parenting stages as my peers. My husband experienced the same prior to dating me. Together, we’re making choices that support our goals.

After all, a marriage is about perfectly understanding your significant other and building something together. On top of that, if you also manage to organize a wonderful cheap wedding for under $3.000, there’s nothing stopping you.

Do you have any tips for organizing a cheap wedding that doesn’t look cheap? Share below!

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