Blocks of Desire: A Romantic Game for Gay Couples

If you’re looking for a fun romantic game for gay couples to spice up your honeymoon, you’re going to love what I have in store for you today! Blocks of Desire takes a familiar classic and adds a steamy twist that elevates your game night to whole new levels. Check it out below, then read on to learn more!

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Blocks of Desire: A Romantic Game for Gay Couples on Their Honeymoon

I was wracking my brain trying to think of the perfect elopement gift to give my friends Steve and Tony (not their real names, they’re very private people). I mean, I already gave them a gift card, but Steve is one of my closest friends, so I wanted to give him a little something extra.

Since he didn’t get to have a bachelor party, I thought, “Why not give him something fun that he and Tony can use on their honeymoon?” Wink wink, nudge nudge!

Then I came across Blocks of Desire made by Princess Cleo Limited and thought, “well, that’s just perfect!” I love that it takes a classic game and adds a super-sexy twist! Let’s talk about what, exactly, it is, how to play, and what you get in the box. Then we’ll discuss some of the benefits (and the few drawbacks).

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Blocks of Desire: Features & Game Play

Let’s look at the basic features and what comes in the box first. You get:

  • 36 numbered blocks
  • Booklet with two sides: one for “naughty” and one for “nice” activities.

Blocks of Desire is a table game designed specifically for gay male couples to help spice things up in the bedroom and take their relationship to whole new levels.

Basically, if you’ve ever played Jenga, you can easily master Blocks of Desire, as it follows the same concept. However, as I said above, there’s an extra-special sexy twist!

Each block has a number on it that corresponds to a question/activity on the included booklet.

As mentioned above, the booklet has two sides: naughty and nice. Couples who want to really heat things up in the bedroom can choose the “naughty” side. The “nice” side has some slightly tamer questions and activities (although definitely still passionate).

Benefits & Drawbacks at a Glance

Check out a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks below. Then, read on for extended explanations of them.

Helps couples spice up their sex lifeYou have to be very comfortable with your partner to play it (not ideal for brand-new couples).
Familiar gameplay makes it easy to learnThe “nice” list is still pretty naughty
A total of 72 activities/questions means it never gets boringIt’s a pain to put back in the box.
Built to last with durable wooden blocksOnly made for men

Benefits for Gay Couples

In my opinion, the biggest benefit – aside from the fact that it definitely helps spice things up- is that you have a total of 72 different activities/questions. It makes Blocks of Desire a game that you can play over and over.

Steve said that his favorite thing about the game is that it helps him come out of his shell more. He’s very shy, especially about sex. He’d never feel comfortable asking for certain things.

With Blocks of Desire, though, the game does the asking for him. He said it really helps improve not just their sex life, but their overall communication outside the bedroom, too.


Since nearly every question on both lists involves sexy acts, couples should definitely be at the stage where they’re super comfortable with each other. It’s not really a “getting to know you” type of game (unless you’re both very open people in general).

The only other drawback is the fact that Blocks of Desire is only made for gay men. It would be neat if they made a version for lesbian couples, too. Princess Cleo Limited does mention that this is their flagship product, so maybe they have other versions in the works.

Considerations and Tips

Gameplay is pretty straightforward and easy to master, so there isn’t much more to say about it. Still, I do have a couple of small tips as well as “warnings.”

  1. First, it probably goes without saying, but the blocks themselves are not sex toys. There’s a warning right on the box telling you to refrain from using them as such (in other words, don’t put them anywhere except on the table).
  2. Before playing, set boundaries with your partner. Agree that if you’re not comfortable with a task on the list, you can choose something else. Establish a safe word and respect it.
  3. Once you’ve done everything on the including lists, try making your own lists to go along with the blocks. Get creative!
  4. Store the game in a Ziploc bag after playing. It’s a lot easier than trying to put all of the pieces back in the box!

Blocks of Desire was a huge hit with my friends, and definitely something I’ll keep in mind to give as bachelor party gifts in the future. You can find the game on Etsy as well as its own Shopify website.

blocks of desire

Have you ever played Blocks of Desire? What do you think of this game for gay couples?

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