7 Best Metals for Wedding Bands: How to Choose the Right One

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You’re super excited about your special day but still haven’t figured out what metal to wear? As an all things wedding enthusiast, I’ve made this guide with the best metal for your wedding bands!

A wedding symbolizes forever, so read more to find your forever perfect ring!

7 Best Metals for Wedding Rings

Couples usually choose a precious metal type like gold when thinking of metal for wedding rings. The problem with gold, though, is that it can be quite expensive and not fit within your budget.

There are alternative metal rings to choose from that can easily fit your lifestyle and your budget while not necessarily compromising on style.

1. Gold

Gold has always been — and still is — the classic choice when it comes to wedding bands.

Indeed, gold has a beautiful polish that does not need high maintenance. It is malleable, so it doesn’t easily bend.

Gold also isn’t prone to scratching so it can fit into anyone’s active lifestyle. Gold rings also come in different kinds and colors, depending on the type of gold they have.

Rings can be made from either yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Yellow gold will carry a bright yellow color compared to rose gold, which takes a duller kind of yellow.

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White gold, as the name implies, lacks the yellow hue and instead carries with it a silver kind of shine. Regardless of color, all kinds of gold will come in different karats [2], which tells you just how pure the gold is.

The purest of gold comes in 24-karats. For a wedding band though, 24-gold may pose some problems since pure gold is too soft and malleable [3].

So you would want to get something that is lower in purity, something harder. An alloy of gold is used, so the ring becomes more durable.

Jewelry expert Zachary Elliott had this to say about gold wedding bands in his interview [4] with Bride magazine, “In order to make a ring that is stronger, anything under 24K is always an alloy with other metals, such as copper, silver, or platinum. Of the four most common gold purity levels, 10k is the most durable, though it also has the lowest gold content.”

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2. Platinum

Platinum [5] is a metal that is durable and highly resistant to corrosion. It also maintains its silvery sheen, which makes it an excellent choice for wedding bands.

Platinum doesn’t fade because it is a white metal in itself, compared to white gold, which needs rhodium plating in order to achieve the white color.

If you were to choose between gold and platinum, if you have the budget for it, platinum would still be a better choice. Platinum is more valuable than gold.

It is denser [6], so it takes more platinum to make a ring compared to gold. Because of this, a platinum ring may be a bit heavier to wear compared to a gold one.

Platinum is also hypoallergenic compared to gold, so it may be a safer choice for people with sensitivity to metals.

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3. Palladium

Consider this metal to be a good alternative to platinum if you are working within a budget. Palladium carries the same color as platinum and, just like platinum bands, it doesn’t tarnish [7] much either.

It is hypoallergenic too. Unlike platinum though, palladium is more prone to scratching. It is also a less durable metal than platinum, so you may have problems years after.

That said, it still is a good option to entertain if you are looking for a metal that is affordable and still durable.

4. Titanium

Titanium is one of the safest metals there is since it is highly biocompatible [8]. It is considered to be one of those hypoallergenic metals that anyone can wear.

It is so safe that it is even used for surgical implants. Titanium is a strong metal, and it is highly scratch resistant. You can be assured that a titanium ring barely changes through time.

The only problem with titanium rings is that these cannot be resized. Titanium wedding rings need to be exactly fitted since there is no way for you to make adjustments when it comes to fit.

See how to make a titanium ring in this video.


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5. Tungsten

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals [9] on earth. In rings, tungsten is mixed with other metals to form tungsten carbide.

It is quite good with scratch resistance but, because of its extreme hardness, tungsten rings may be prone to breakage.

But because of this property of tungsten carbide rings, they are one of the metal alternatives for people who are into extremely active lifestyles.

They are also a great metal to use for individuals who are into construction work. They are also budget-friendly, so you may want to look into these if you are looking for a more affordable metal ring alternative.

Take a look at these gorgeous tungsten wedding rings.


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6. Silver

There was a time when sterling silver used to be more valuable than gold. This makes sterling silver one of the oldest jewelry metals in the market today.

It is also the most affordable metal that can be used to make jewelry. On its own, silver, just like gold, is highly malleable.

It, thus, is mixed with copper [10] to create an alloy metal for wedding bands. Unlike other metals, silver oxidizes easily, making it prone to tarnish.

Because of this, silver rings need frequent polishing in order to maintain their shine and color.

Check out some great tips here on how to identify the type of wedding ring metal.


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7. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron [11] and other metals like chromium. It is highly resistant to rusting and tarnishing, making it easy to maintain.

It is highly resistant to scratching too, so it is perfect for those who are into extremely active lifestyles. Stainless steel rings are also quite light and comfortable for daily wear.

These are also hypoallergenic and can be worn by almost anyone. In terms of affordability, these are probably one of the cheapest rings out in the market today, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out much for these rings.

Here’s what a stainless steel ring looks like.


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How to Choose the Best Material for Wedding Rings

When people talk about wedding bands, they usually think that it has to be some kind of expensive metal, like gold or platinum.

But there are other metals to choose from that can easily fit within one’s budget. To choose the best material for wedding rings, you need to consider everything in your own life.

Before we get into details, though, you may want to know about what you have to look for in metal for that most meaningful piece of jewelry in your life.

How Durable is the Metal You Are Considering?

Wedding bands are signs of a lifetime commitment. The word “lifetime” cannot be emphasized enough, so you have to think of a metal that is strong enough to resist scratches and bending.

Does it Fit You?

When choosing the metal for your wedding band, remember to choose one that has a design and color that fits you. It should fit your personality and, more importantly, your skin tone.

Are you into a more classic look or are you the type who goes for a more contemporary look?

Remember that it is the one piece of jewelry that you will have to wear constantly for your whole life and you will want to make sure that it looks good on you.

Will it Fit Your Lifestyle?

Are you into an active lifestyle or are you into a more relaxed one? Does your work involve heavy movement or are you in a desk job?

The metal that you choose will have to fit into the lifestyle that you have. The more rigorous your lifestyle is, the harder the metal should be.

Is it Easy to Maintain?

Some metals need to be polished frequently. Some don’t. Will you have time for cleaning your ring or do you want something that doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance? These are things you will have to look into and consider when purchasing a wedding band.

Is it Comfortable?

Some metals, because of their density, may seem heavy to wear. There are also metals that may cause allergies. Try on a ring and see how it feels before making that final decision.

This video [1] will give you additional information on how to make sure your ring is the right fit.

Will it Fit My Budget?

Some metals tend to have more value, so you may also want to consider if the wedding bands fit within your budget. Remember that you always have options, and with the way these metals are processed nowadays, you can easily find one that is elegant yet reasonably priced.


What metal is the safest to use as a wedding band?

Titanium is the most biocompatible metal that you can use for a wedding band. It is not toxic and hypoallergenic too.

Besides metals, are there any other materials that can be used to make a wedding band?

Yes. There are silicone wedding bands and wedding bands made from wood and ceramic.

What is the most popular metal used to make wedding bands?

The most classic and traditional choice for a wedding band is gold.

What is the most expensive metal to use for a wedding band?

The most expensive metal to use for a wedding band is platinum.


A wedding band is a sign of one’s love and commitment to a lifetime partnership with the one you choose. It is a symbol used to show the entire world that you are loved and that you are in love.

It is only wise to choose a metal that knows no time or space. One that will last forever. Forever may mean many things, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be unreachable.

Going through the choices available among the many best wedding band metals, surely, you will find something that is right for you.


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Based on your experience, what is the best metal for wedding bands? Let us know below!

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