4 Best Atlanta Gay Wedding Venues

Are you looking for the perfect Atlanta gay wedding venue?

A venue that places no restriction on sexual orientation?

One that opens the doors to everyone including lesbians, gays, and other queer couples because it’s for LOVE and nothing else?

Well, then, keep reading, because we’ve got you covered!

Are you looking for the perfect Atlanta gay wedding venue? We've got you covered! We narrowed down the long list to the top 3, plus added a bonus planner!

Best Atlanta Gay Wedding Venues

While there are plenty of great venues and planners in Georgia, some are definitely more open and accepting than others.

So, rather than inundate you with a massive list of every option, we’ve narrowed it down to the top four LGBT wedding planners and venues for gay weddings in Atlanta.

We’ve even included a video preview or walkthrough for each venue, when possible.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

Are you looking for the perfect Atlanta gay wedding venue? We've got you covered! We narrowed down the long list to the top 3, plus added a bonus planner!

1- Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel

The Gay Institute Certification Program certifies this hotel’s wedding planners. Do you want to have a mix of southern charm and modern glam for your wedding?

Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel is a fantastic choice. You’ll love all the different options offered by the venue!

For example, you can exchange your vows under Atlanta’s skyline on the rooftop and I’m sure you will love the sculptured avant-garde fire pits that surround it.

If you’re not loving the idea of a rooftop wedding (hey, some of us are scared of heights, after all), you can also decide to have your wedding in the Ballroom, which is also beautiful.

2- Historic DeKalb Courthouse

If you’re looking for a more unique venue than a traditional hotel ballroom, you’ll love the Historic DeKalb Courthouse.

The building’s impressive façade, the multipaned arched windows, the Soaring Corinthian columns, and the architectural elegance make for some truly lovely wedding photos.

The venue offers plenty of fantastic extra amenities, including special rooms for each half of the couple. Hold your wedding, reception, or both at this stunning historical site.

3- Millennium Gate Museum

Talk about unique! If you dream of having an outdoor wedding under the starry skies, surrounded by stunning architecture, you’ll love the Millennium Gate Museum.

The museum can accommodate weddings of almost any size, whether it’s a grand soiree or an simple elopement.

I love the classical Roman-style triumphal arch which is the centerpiece of this museum. Everything about it makes for some of the best wedding photos ever.

4- Flourish by Legendary Events


You can bring your wedding fantasies to reality with this venue. Flourish has a dedicated design team which is known for event production for more than 30 years.

I like the cocktail reception space for its chic tile and carpeting, its glossy built-in bars and its vintage style coat check area. Flourish is a perfect venue if you want a calm atmosphere for your wedding.

Choosing a venue for your special day can be stressful especially if you do not have the right information.

The four venues and planners above are perfect for you and your partner to show off your love for each other while the most important people in your lives watch and join you to celebrate your union.

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