Jay Neill

Michigan Supreme Court Hears Major Gay Rights Case

Judge holding a gavel in court

On Wednesday, Michigan’s attorney general requested the state Supreme Court to overturn previous rulings and broaden the state’s anti-discrimination legislation to include gays and lesbians. People who claim discrimination based on sexual orientation have not been protected by Michigan’s civil rights statute because the word “sex” in the law has only been construed as referring … Read more

Who Wears the Engagement Ring in a Gay Relationship?

Who Wears the Engagement Ring in a Gay Relationship

Women wearing the engagement ring is the norm. That’s because it’s traditional for women to wear engagement rings. But if you’re gay, you probably want to know: who wears the engagement ring in a gay relationship? There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules here, but there are some guidelines you can follow if you’re having trouble deciding … Read more