Alachua County Offers Drive-Thru Weddings (Yes, Same-Sex Weddings, Too) to Residents

Alachua County in Florida is offering drive-thru weddings (yes, same-sex weddings, too)!

So, if coronavirus crashed your wedding, you won’t have to wait long to tie the knot after all.

Read on for the full details!

Alachua County in Florida is offering drive-thru weddings (yes, same-sex weddings, too)! Read on for the full details!

Alachua County Offers Drive-Thru Weddings (Yes, Same-Sex Weddings, Too)

Because of the current COVID-19 situation around the world, more and more states now allow drive-through or online wedding ceremonies.

Unfortunate, many weddings have been canceled or postponed, leaving the people wondering what’s going to happen.

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This is the case for Alachua County, Florida. The Clerk of the Court Office will be creating a drive-through wedding system on April 30, starting at 5PM.

The ceremonies will be held outside the Family and Civil Courthouse, at 201 E. University Ave.

Interested couples should call 352-374-3623 and request an appointment.

It’s important that they arrive there at least 15 minutes earlier, and keep the safety distance.

According to officials, they’re unable to process applications during the event.

There’s also a $30 fee, payable via cash credit card. Check out the full details and requirements here.

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Is Alachua County Performing Same-Sex Weddings?

By law, Alachua County cannot exclude LGBTQ couples who meet the other criteria.

So yes, they will perform same-sex weddings.

We took a look at the county’s FAQ regarding marriage licenses to double-check.

Spelled out in plain language under “Can two people of the same gender obtain a marriage license, it states:

Yes.  A Federal Judge issued an order holding unconstitutional the Florida ban on same-gender marriage.

Bottom line, denying same-sex weddings is illegal in the state of Florida, so yes, you can get married during the drive-thru wedding event.

COVID-19 Cases Dropping in Alachua

Currently, the Coronavirus cases in Alachua County are dropping.

If the trend continues, soon they will be able to start opening small. low-risk businesses.

The Alachua County’s Department of Health administrator, Paul Myers, said that even with more frequent tests, the numbers dropped from 6% to 4%.

Myers also said that the hospitals are working properly right now and they are not expecting a shortage of staff or equipment.

In Alachua County, we have not reached that point. It doesn’t look like, at least at the current point, that we are going to reach that point. In fact, the trending seems to be going down.

Right now, in Alachua County, masks are not mandatory.

However, the county encourages their use in public or crowded places, such as public transport of grocery stores.

Florida Investing In COVID-19 Tests

On Monday, governor Ron DeSantis announced that he wants to begin distributing 100,000 antibody testing kits in Florida.

Myers is looking forward to the tests, but he claims that the tests are not always showing accurate results.

Sometimes we’re looking at 30% false positives [for COVID-19 in patients], which is not a very good test in terms of accuracy, but it will inform us to some extent [about the virus’ spread].

Right now, Alachua County is preparing to open their businesses again. However, not before making a list of low, medium and high risk environments.

Commissioner Ken Cornell said that they need to analyze the local health and hospitalization data before making the final decision.

If the state gets opened up in a limited phase one approach, I think we then have to look at, well, how does that impact us locally, and should we be more stringent based on the data that’s coming in?

Chair Robert Hutchinson is in the favor of opening the businesses.

I think the risk assessment is a really good exercise, and those folks that are low risk, if they’ve got guidelines on how to operate in a safe manner for both their employees and the public, then we should be opening them up. The medium- and high-risk [businesses] need to be very careful, because that’s exactly how you restart the spread of the epidemic, is by being in high-risk areas where there tends to be lots of exposure quickly.

What are your thoughts on the county offering drive-thru weddings? Share below!

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