6 Disabled Brides Who Looked Flawless

Here are 8 disabled brides that rocked their wedding day and looked more amazing than anyone could ever imagine! Check them out!

Being a disabled bride can mean even more worries and stress when it comes to planning a wedding. The selected venue has to be accessible friendly, which can be a venture on its own! However, ever since the first wedding, disabled brides have been able to make their day work with them, and honestly, a bride in a wheelchair’s special day is no different from a bride who can walk. These 6 brides prove just that! Here are 8 disabled brides that rocked their wedding day and looked more amazing than anyone could ever imagine!
1. Family love makes for a great wedding day


Though this bride uses a wheelchair to get around, on her wedding day, that didn’t stop her from not only looking beautiful in her dress, but it didn’t keep her from a tear-jerking walk down the aisle, thanks to her parents. What a beautiful photo that shows the true depth of family love.
2. The cutest courthouse wedding


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Who says courthouse weddings can’t be out-of-this-world adorable? The backdrop to this picture is simple but so pretty! This beautiful bride looked flawless in her tea-length dress on her special day! We have to say that we’re also digging the groom’s pastel pink shirt.
3. A sparkler-filled send off!


When we think about a magical send off after a long day filled with love and family, this image is about what we imagine! The bride and groom look so happy and the sparkled that fill the background are super romantic! Let’s also not forget to mention the bride’s gorgeous dress!

4. Boring garter toss? Not at this wedding!


Who says that being in a wheelchair has to mean that your wedding is less fun or exciting? This bride and her groom prove that the party still rocks on, wheelchair or not! These two look like they are having the time of their lives. While the garter and bouquet tosses are fun at most weddings, we wish all of them looked as extraordinary as this one.
5. The solo elegant bride


Who doesn’t love the images of the bride in her dress, surrounded by natural light? These images are always some of the prettiest ones of the day as it shows the bride in her natural element. When we look at this picture, we don’t notice the wheelchair. All we see is an elegant bride who is reflecting on the big day ahead of her!

6. A touching first dance


This bride also uses a wheelchair but she didn’t let being wheelchair bound stop her from having the first dance that she has always dreamed of. The bride and groom had their first dance as one without the interference of a wheelchair, which takes a lot of mutual trust and strength. There is so much love in this photo!

8 thoughts on “6 Disabled Brides Who Looked Flawless”

  1. These pictures and stories of these beautiful brides are so lovely and inspiring. Love knows no disability and all of these brides really do look flawless. So much love here!

  2. I love this! It is so inspiring to see strong women that defy the odds of their disabilities and live happy lives with those they love. Such gorgeous photos!

  3. It just goes to show you that happiness comes in many forms. These ladies could forget all about their problems for a while and enjoy their big day.

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